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Zip Flyer in Nepal

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Zip Flyer in Nepal

Zip Flyer in NepalThe world’ tallest, fastest and the longest zip flyer in located in Nepal and is officially declared as one of the best adventure activities in the world. Located in Sarangkot, one of the most naturally gifted areas of Nepal, the zip flyer bounds to keep your jaw open. This is not just-another zip line. Inclined at 56 degrees, with 2000 feet vertical height and 1.8 kilo meters in length, and with speeds of over a whopping 160 kmph, this zip line is one of the extremes!
Be prepared to set your adrenaline in overdrive as you stand over the platform and look down the 2000 feet drop just below you, and as you look at the sides the views of the majestic Himalayas fails to captivate you. You can hear the countdown begin as you heart starts to pump up with audible beats, spreading the adrenaline throughout the body to keep you prepared. Then..with a GO! You’re air-borne. With the wind gushing on you face, you can feel the speeds getting into you. As you reach 160 kmph, the view besides slide by you in a matter of seconds making you feel like a bird. Weightless due to freefall, you can feel every bit of acceleration in you and with adrenaline to make things slow down, the two minute trip covering almost two kilometres ends as the magnetic brakes bring you to a complete halt.
Just before you plan on this adventure, make sure that you are between 35 and 125 kilograms to meet the standard safety requirements, and also make sure that you don’t chicken out once up there. Individuals with back or neck problems, or those who are pregnant are not encouraged to go!

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