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Why Adventure Himalaya Circuit

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Why Adventure Himalaya Circuit

Why Adventure Himalaya Circuit?
Our team of experts is the compilation of decades of experiences, dedication and expertise with
their unique perspective brought together by an organization to serve you with the soothing
experience to take home. Our assessment is not just to make sure of your journey but to make it
mystical and amusing.

1. Years of Experiences
After gathering decades long experience, our leaders have established the company which
now has the long and prosperous history of more than 11 years and thousands of
customers. The customers are served by collaborating with variety trustworthy and
experienced partners.

2. Reviews from recent Travelers
Our services have been reviewed in different Nepal Travel Packages including Tripadvisor Page and rated by our clients to whom we have served
previously to various destinations. Many of the recent travelers have shared their personal
experience via reviews, blogs on our websites and trip advisor. Our team has successfully
been satisfying our clients which also has increased the rate of recurring clients.

3. Licensed Trekking & Tour Operators
Adventure Himalaya Circuit treks & tours (P.) Ltd. is a trekking and tour organization
which is licensed and authorized by various tourism governing bodies of Nepal. The
policies of the company are also based on the governmental regulations which helps us in
delivering smooth and hazard-free travel experience to the adventurers and travelers.

4. Wide range of Products and Services
The services of our organization ranges from adventure to recreational activities. We
deliver thrilling experiences to our customers by organizing and planning activities such
as trekking, bungy, paragliding, sightseeing, bike/jeep tour, jungle safari, expedition,
mountain flights including Everest base camp trek & Everest base camp Helicopter tour. We operate all across Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

5. Best deals & Swift reliable shopping
We try to make the process of the trip at ease for you by doing all the assessment
regarding the trip in the best way possible and in the most reasonable cost. We make your
travel arrangement for you to save your precious time and efficiently.

6. Personalized and Flexible itinerary
The itineraries are prepared by our experts who have been well exposed in the area and
some of them are the locals in the area which makes our itinerary exciting and
appropriate. We even customize the itineraries according to the requirement of the
traveler and provide them with the experience they have been desiring. Even the time and
duration of the journey are flexible to suit the need of the traveler.

7. Team of Experts
We provide our services through the team of hand-picked professionals who are experts
in their fields with the adequate exposure in their work field to provide without any
compromising on the quality of the services. Most of the team are locals or teamed up
with locals with unique experience and information which can make the travel easy,
convenient, informative and spicy.

8. Safety & Privacy
Our prime concern during travel is to prioritize safety of the travelers first. And then
comes the adventurous and recreational part. The medical team is always standby and a
phone call away. The personal information of our clients is kept confidential as we
respect their privacy very seriously.

9. Responsible tourism
We believe that traveling to a place should not have negative impact on the traveler as
well as the place itself, in every aspect. We as tourism company try to conduct the
tourism activities in such a way that minimizes the negative impact environmentally and

10. Personalized and Detail oriented travel
We try to provide our customer with the personal satisfaction and friendly environment
as much as possible. Our team are trained to eliminate every difficulty faced by the
customer from the moment they meet and greet you. We specially focus on details that
would make the client’s stay pleasant and memorable. We believe that the customers
should be able to take home a big piece of their travel experience as a magical memory
which will stay lifelong.

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