Tamang Heritage Trekking

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Ever imagined yourself setting out for an adventure of a lifetime? Well, if you have, Langtang region of Nepal is the perfect place for you to start. High and mighty mountains gleaming to the sunlight, the lush green forests, mystical looking birds and wild flowers blooming everywhere. Yes, it is. It is heaven on earth.

This nine day long Tamang Heritage Trekking takes us to the valley nestled in the Himalayas, away from the crowd and the pollution f the city and towards the beauty of the unexplored land. The sub- tropical forest that transcends to dense forests of green, the tree orchids that bloom with all their might, and the grasslands, everything about Langtang valley is wonderful.

The mythical yeti, look around maybe you could spot one! And many rare species of monkeys, bears, can also be found here. And some epic mountains (6,500m+) langtang offers some truly fantastic trekking. As the trail moves forward you will have the chance to peek into so many things like the alpine meadows, the varied terrains etc. And you'll even have to cross a ravine with a hanging bridge and remember, don't look down! After which there's the hot springs of Tatopani where you can soothe your muscles.
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