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Peak Climbing in Nepal

Known as the Himalayan Kingdom, Nepal has 1310 identified Himalayan peaks over 6000m including 8 out of 14 highest peaks in the world. The sky high Himalayas is why Nepal is a paradise for anyone who wishes to conquer high mountains by their own foot. This small kingdom is the land of world's top highest peaks including Mt. Everest is majestic crowned to the north. It is unquestionably a premier mountaineering and climbing destination for thousands of climbers and mountaineers testing their skills and endurance and fulfilling their desire to summit a Himalayan peak and marvel the world from its rooftop. Mountaineering and trekking in Nepal has relied heavily on the progress and inspiration developed by various expeditions to Everest. Most of the attraction of Nepal in the early days resulted from the discovery that the highest peak in the world lay within the forbidden and isolated kingdom. Currently there are 326 peaks open for climbing and mountaineering in Nepal.
Peak climbing expedition is usually both technically and physically very challenging activity. It requires considerable climbing skills and in Nepal usually is done on sub-eight thousand meters high mountains, where acclimatization is easier and more effort can be devoted to climbing skill rather than shier brute force to combat altitude.
Mountaineering is an extensive and highly demanding process that requires a lot of physical and mental strength, strong determination and knowledge regarding mountaineering in the first place. For amateur climbers, who either do not have the time, or the experience to scale a large peak, there are shorter alternatives that give the same amount of thrill as any 8000m peak would do.

Island peak Climbing

Island Peak is the pseudo name given to the Imja Tse peak of Nepal by explorer Eric Shipton’s team in 1953. It is by far the easiest and the most affordable peak climb...

Mera Peak Climbing

Mera Peak stands tall at 6461 meters above the sea level and is among the highest trekking peaks in Nepal. Situated in the Khumbu or Everest Valley, the peak is worth a climb...

Pisang Peak Climbing

Pisang Peak, one of the most famous peaks in the Annapurna Region, lies on the way to the highest pass of the world. One can find many chances of exploration during the...

Yala Peak Climbing

Yala peak is one of the easier trekking peaks in Nepal, present at the Lantang Region. Yala peak is open for climbing under the Mountaineering Association of Nepal. The peak...

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