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Nepal is one of the best for adventure holidays. Adventure tourism is the major attractions of Nepal.
is a small country between giants India and China. With the roof of the world, Mount Everest, and many other peaks that tower across the region, Nepal is known as the land of Himalayas. The world also knows Nepal to be the birthplace of Lord Buddha, and also as a place with serene views and abundant natural resources. Nepal has more to it than that.
Being one of the most spectacular views inherited, Nepal has a lot to offer the visitors who comes to visit here every year with their different perspectives. Well as to define the nature and the culture based on this land, one most have to dive into the respective places because the variety and the importance gifted by nature to the different parts are so immensely beautiful and perfect that one cannot ask anything more than what one gets here. According to the history, the country has in store a numerous fascinating facts and the enchanting art and architecture that will allow every nature lover to praise and get mesmerized through the basic to very complicated carves and built up of the architectural heritage.
The nature has blessed this country with such a mind capturing landscapes and majestic Himalayas that spending one’s holiday here to explore the entire amazing area with footsteps or through drive will be worthwhile. Nepal as a country includes different region in itself that one can visit or experience any kind of climatic condition as well as diverse culture and tradition living here. This country is just not anything but a wonderland where one can come and live his dreams in the lap of nature. The tranquillity and peace that Himalayas provide, the different colourful tradition and vivid culture with perfect blend of nature will just capture anyone’s mind. Warmth and the generous hospitality of Nepalese people is one of the most unforgettable and lifetime pleasant experience to pass by which should not be missed out.
We, welcome you to visit the country and experience the nature at its best. Come and join us and get served with our excellent services our company provides.

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