Lumbini Tour (Lumbini-Birth place of Buddha)

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Lumbini Tour
Lumbini TourNepal, known for its natural, cultural and geographical diversity all over the world is an amazing place for a vacation. Natural heritages, cultural heritages, anything you want, you can find it here in Nepal. The mountains, the hills and the plains of Terai they all make Nepal a traveler's paradise and is a perfect destination for tour.

Nepal will provide you with adrenaline rushing adventure sports, soothing trips to the most beautiful places in Nepal and with the hospitality of the Nepalese people; you'll never feel that you're away from home. If you're an adventurer who wants to explore the hidden trails, the steep paths and wants to experience everything that Nepal has to offer, you have the option of hiking, trekking or rafting and many other adventure sports. And if you want to have a peaceful holiday relaxing then also Nepal offers different tour packages to places like Kathmandu, Lumbini, pokhara etc.

During your stay in Nepal, you can see the cultural diversity that is present here. The rich traditions and the cultural inclinations that you can find in Nepal is also one of a kind.

Tour to historical and cultural UNESCO heritage sites of Kathmandu valley, lifetime visit to the holy land of Gautama Buddha, historical monuments and other sacred sites provide travelers an in-depth insight on the rich and diverse Nepalese culture.

It's not just about going to the right places, seeing the beautiful sceneries, it's also about knowing yourself, through the extensive tour you'll have the chance to discover yourself.
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