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Hiring Trekking Guide & Porters

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Hiring Trekking Guide & Porters

If you are going on a trekking adventure in Nepal, it is important to take an experienced trekking guide with you. Using a guide and porters while trekking in the mountains in Nepal gets you a comfortable adventure experience. You can go for hiring a trekking guide and porters through a registered trekking company. Trekking companies organize your trekking adventure where they provide you with a guide and porters to assist you during your trip in the mountains. 

Hiring Trekking Guide and Proters with Adventure Himalaya Circuit

As a registered trekking company, we assist you in organizing trekking adventures for you in the mountains of Nepal. Whether you want to go on a popular trekking adventure like Everest Base Camp Trek or to a remote area trekking like Kanchenjunga Trek, we organize the trip for you.
When you are on an organized trip with us, our guide and porters will be with you in the mountains to offer you a safe and memorable trekking experience. 

All our trekking guides are professional & experienced locals who have gone through professional training and guided in the mountains for several years. They speak good English and have sound knowledge of Nepalese mountains, cultures, religion, and lifestyle and can share the same with you. In addition, they are friendly, helpful, and honest in matters of service to our trekkers. They leave no stone unturned to make your trip a safe and amazing experience.

About our Porters

Our trekking and mountaineering porters/helpers are fully acclimatized with the Himalayan Environment. We always select physically fit and strong enough trekking porters to carry your bags during the trek. They can speak and communicate basic things in English. All our porters on Nepal trips are well equipped, insured, and paid. Our professional and expert trekking porters can carry a maximum of 30 kg on the treks at the lower elevation and 20 kg at the higher-altitude treks. A porter can carry

So, keeping your backpack at the lowest weight possible can immensely be helpful to the porters in the mountains. You need to pack wisely and smartly with only the essentials in the mountains. 

Besides this, when you are hiring a guide and porter with us, you are fully protected from your finance. Our porter and guide will never ever leave you alone or misleading during your trekking. You will have a fully safe and most enjoyable trekking experience of a lifetime with them.

Adventure Himalaya Circuit offers a very reasonable cost for hiring a trekking guide and porter in Nepal. Let us know if you want to organize a trekking adventure in Nepal or if you need any logistics support for your adventure. We are always there to help you with our services to make your adventure an easy, fun, and comfortable one.

Cost of Hiring Guides and Porters with us

In addition to planning and organizing your entire adventure trip in Nepal, we also offer guides and porter hiring services. When you want to use this service, you will get only the guide and porters. You have to manage the rest of the logistics. If you want to hire guides and porters from us, please find the rates as follows.

Trekking Guide: USD 30 per day
Trekking Porter: USD 25 per day

Why Hire Guides and Porters with us?

Here are some points why you should hire guides and porters with us.
  • We use professional and experienced guides only
  • Our guides have gone through rigorous training to guide in the mountains
  • They have traveled extensively in the mountains and know them well
  • Our guides and porters are friendly and easy-to-work-with people
  • They make your trip a lifetime experience
  • Your safety and satisfaction are on their priority list


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