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Helicoptor Day Tours in Nepal

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Helicoptor Day Tours in Nepal

Nepal is one of the major adventure destinations in the world with many adventurous activities like rafting, bungee jumping, zip-lining, etc. Helicopter tours in Nepal is also an alternative means of adventure that is provided in Nepal. These tours take you airborne through the mountains and other remote destinations where you can have an on-top view of the majestic view below. These tours give you a chance to see many things at once, the sceneries, the cultural artefacts, traditional lives of people living in the heartlands of Himalayan. Helicopter tours in Nepal are favourable for those who are unable to hike for days, or do not have sufficient time to trek to remote areas. A swift trip to the wonders of the Himalayas makes it possible for you and it packs a great scenic adventure in a short time duration.

Apart from the Himalayas, Nepal offers helicopter services to various different places that have their names renowned throughout the world. Some of the best of its kind are Everest Hecopter Tour, Muktinath Temple Visit, Mt Kailash Tour, Langtang valley Heli-tour Annapurna Pokhara and LumbiniHeli-tour. These trips usually take between two to five hours depending upon the destination, terrain, landscape and weather.

Your safety is our primary concern here. We have skilled pilots that are experienced and veterans for the job with thousands of flying hours of experience. The helicopter service companies in Nepal are also known for its excellent reputation and dependable emergency and rescue and flight operations.

Tell us your interests and we will come up with the best package and destination for you.

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