Yoga Trekking in Nepal: Is it worth going?

Yoga Trekking in Nepal

Yoga Trekking in Nepal! What is it like? What does it really mean?

As the name suggests, yoga trekking is a combination of yoga and trekking. Simple. But it is not as simple as we may think it to be. In fact, this is a specialized spiritual adventure trekking journey in the mountains of Nepal.

As of now, most people are aware of what yoga is. Even if they have never tried it, they must have heard the word ‘yoga’ at least once in their life. They must have wondered about what it is like and what it does.

If you integrate yoga into the Everest base camp trek, you will feel the thrill of yoga in high-altitude trekking. You can also enjoy yoga practice while you trek to Annapurna Base Camp. In fact, integration of yoga is possible in any trekking package in the Himalayas. Yoga and Himalaya are complementary to each other given the origin of yoga.

This ancient science of life has been now gaining popularity around the world at its best pace. A lot of people have integrated yoga into their life and they want to take it along wherever they go to. Their love for travel and yoga has created the concept of yoga traveling. You may go to a silent yoga retreat or yoga traveling around different beautiful places, yoga is always there as an essential factor of your traveling.

Why Nepal for Yoga Trekking?

The concept of Yoga Trekking in Nepal came as a great way of exploring the beauty of the country and practicing yoga in the place where it actually originated. The vast range of the Himalayas is the place where ancient yogis and sages lived and practiced their yoga. The Himalayan atmosphere worked as the natural booster of the yogic vibrations that helped yogis take their yoga to the next level.

There is nothing like practicing yoga while traveling and nowhere like the Himalayas of Nepal to do it. It is an adventurous journey that brings a chance to explore the Himalayas.  You also get the opportunity to explore deeper into your inner self. Setting out on a trekking adventure in the mountains of Nepal and doing yoga is an experience of the awesome world of realization.

While trekking in Nepal itself is an adventure to explore the remoteness and wonderful charm of the mountains, integrating yoga into it makes the adventure even more wonderful. Yoga is also an adventurous journey into one’s inner self. It requires a lot of effort, dedication, perseverance, and motivation to delve deeper into the inner spiritual world of the self through yoga. The yoga trekking journey can be a life-changing journey or simply an amazing experience of going on a spiritual adventure holiday.

What Happens in Yoga Trekking in Nepal?

Doing yoga in the morning and sitting out in nature in the mountains has a beautiful charm. It is impossible to escape from it. The invigorating feel of the yoga poses prepares you for the whole day of trekking adventure. And when you finish walking for the day and get to the destination, you will sit in a peaceful meditation after a gentle stretching session. The revitalizing feel of the stretching and meditation after the long day walk is much more than awesome.

Yoga Trekking can be done in any trekking region in Nepal with the expert guidance of a yoga teacher who goes along with on the trip. Yoga trekking adventure is guided by two professionals – a skilled trekking guide and a trained yoga teacher – throughout the trip. A trekking guide ensures your safety and care in the mountains while a yoga teacher ensures the safe practice of yoga postures and breathing techniques.  Yoga and pranayama practice also makes the adventure walk in the high elevation easier.

Is it Worth Going?

Everyone wants their holiday to become full of awesome memories, good times, and a relaxed state of mind. It brings peace of mind to the holidaymakers. Yoga Trekking in Nepal is the kind of adventure holiday in the mountains of which the experience is simply awesome. You explore the inner and outer worlds and get the memories to cherish for your life. Once you go on the trip, you become truly fond of it, liking every moment. You will feel the charm and you cannot stop yourself from recommending it to your friends and circle.

Overall yoga trekking is definitely the trip that’s truly worth going on regardless of whether you are a novice, beginner, or an advanced yogi. Your love for trekking and going somewhere deeper within your own self is more important.