Facts of Winter Trekking in Nepal

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We are trying to give you an insight into trekking in Nepal in different seasons. It is the winter season’s turn in this blog today. Although the Winter season is still a long time to arrive, knowing about the features of trekking in the cold season will help you plan things accordingly. As a popular trekking destination, the Himalayas in Nepal get colder as the season progresses. So, the question is what winter trekking in Nepal feels like.

Is it even possible to go trekking in Nepal during the winter season? The answer is an obvious ‘yes’. Trekkers can still enjoy the charm of trekking in the mountains even though the cold temperature hits the mountains.

Except for some high-altitude trekking adventures, winter trekking in Nepal is certainly a possible adventure to explore. From the low elevation walking adventures to high altitude trekking adventures, you can enjoy the charm of the mountains during the winter. Although it gets really cold high up in the mountain and snows heavily at the high altitude, it feels differently charming to trek in winter. You can also go for high-altitude treks like Everest base camp to lower elevation adventures.

Trekking during the winter months has certain features that make the adventure an awesome experience. We are going to talk about those features of winter trekking in Nepal in this post today.

Let’s take a look at those features of winter trekking in Nepal.

Fewer trekkers, more peaceful surroundings

Naturally, the cold temperature keeps people back from going out into nature and exploring. But those very few who dare to explore the mountains on the cold winter days certainly get to enjoy more peaceful surroundings. There will be fewer trekkers in the mountains since winter is the off-season for the adventure in Nepal. Having fewer trekkers has the benefits of more peace. You will have space for yourself. Every wonderful thing that you come along with during the trek feels like it is only for you.

It is certainly an incredible experience to traverse a mountain trail almost with no other people in the region. You will meet only occasional trekkers and local people on the trail. But the surroundings will have indescribable beauty of peace during the winter season.

Snow clad mountains and trails

If you love to touch and play with snow, winter trekking is the best option. The snow-capped mountains will have more snow on them and the trails will also have snow. As you trek to higher elevations, you can find snow on the trail. Although you have to be extra careful to walk on the snow-filled trail in the mountains, you will also have the chance to play with snow. The mountain peaks that may look rocky during other seasons get full of fluffy white snow on them. It’s certainly a wonderful sight to see all the mountains clad in white snow during the winter season.

Quiet villages along the trail

The villages along the trekking routes in the mountains get quieter during the winter season. As most of the villages along the trekking routes have teahouses and lodges, they get quiet because of the low number of trekkers. The quietness of the villages, however, feels interestingly magnificent. You can experience the beautiful stillness in the villages and the surroundings. A peaceful atmosphere brings more peace to your mind that is soothing.

The main trekking seasons get a lot of trekkers in the mountains but the winter is really quiet. But you can still enjoy treks like Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek or some other high-altitude treks. You will certainly get to enjoy the above features during the trek no matter where you go. It is like going on an off-the-beaten-path adventure although you may go on a highly popular trek.

Do you love exploring the mountains in a quiet atmosphere? Would you dare go out and face the chilly winter cold to explore the mountain’s magnificence? If you love all these, winter trekking in Nepal is an adventure for you.

Let us know if you want to go on a trekking adventure in winter in Nepal.

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