What is Yoga Trekking in Nepal like?

What is Yoga Trekking in Nepal like

What is yoga trekking in Nepal like? If you are searching for an answer to the questions, this post is the answer. Yoga Trekking in Nepal is a spiritual adventure journey to the magnificent Himalayas of Nepal.

Is wellness travel the way you want to experience the adventures of traveling? Yoga Trekking in Nepal is also one of the amazing wellness travel options. As a trend of yoga travel around the world, yoga trekking gives you an amazing experience of mountains, nature, walking, and enjoying the journey that takes you closer to your inner self. Yes, the yoga trekking journey is certainly a trip that you should go on at least once in your lifetime.

What is Yoga Trekking in Nepal like?

As the name suggests, this adventure journey is a combination of two – yoga and trekking. Both adventures are amazing ways to explore the inner self and the outer world, combination of these two makes a wonderful experience. This kind of trip allocates time to deepen your yoga practice every day in addition to walking the trail.

Although the challenging level of the trek may vary, you will challenge yourself by deepening of yoga practice. These trips are not only about trekking and practicing yoga but also about knowing yourself closely. The trekkers on the trips practice yoga under the guidance and supervision of a yoga expert and a trekking guide leads the trip. Sometimes a yoga teacher him/herself can be the guide as well.

Although it is not a proper yoga learning class, you will learn a great deal about yoga. Yoga in addition to trekking makes this adventure a truly wonderful one. You will explore the amazing outer world of the mountains as well as your own inner self. Additionally, the adventures bring beautiful nature and wonderful views along the journey. A trip like Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek or Annapurna Base Camp Yoga Trek will blow your mind away.

Who can go on the adventure?

If you are fit enough to walk multiple days in the mountains and possess an enthusiasm for yoga, you are the right person to go on the trip. Regardless of age, sex, faith, and nationality as long as you are fit enough, yoga trekking in Nepal is for you. Trekking adventures in Nepal go high in the mountains, up and down the trail, for several days of varying numbers. You have to have a better level of fitness the higher you go on the trek. And going for early morning yoga in high elevation is another challenging charm of the trip. Prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally and the adventure is for you.

You do not necessarily have to be a yoga pro to go on these adventures. Your interest in yoga and excitement for the trip in addition to good physical fitness is enough. Even if you are a yoga novice with a willingness to learn yoga, you can enjoy and experience adventures.

If you want to go on a short trek with yoga, check out Mardi Himal Yoga Trek.

Although traveling to Nepal in itself is an adventure worth taking, yoga trekking in Nepal will make it an even better experience. Be it a long yoga trekking trip or just a short yoga hike or a yoga tour around the country, you will experience the awesomeness of the trip at its best.

Should you want to go on a yoga trip to Nepal, write to us to talk about the trip in detail.