Visit Nepal Year 2020: A Year to Explore the Beautiful Nepal

Nepal is celebrating Visit Nepal Year 2020

As Nepal is preparing to celebrate Visit Nepal Year 2020, there are several reasons to visit the country. This beautiful country faced a devastating earthquake in 2015 and the effects of the disaster still exist. While Nepal is safe to visit now, the country needs a good number of tourists to visit.

Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign aims to bring in 2 million tourists in the year. But there are certainly a lot of challenges that can be obstacles in achieving the result. Mostly the small airport, bad road condition, lack of enough hotels and other accommodation, etc. can make the goal a little challenging.

But there are still so many wonderful reasons to visit Nepal in the year 2020.

Nepal needs more Tourists

While tourism can be the biggest revenue-generating industry in the country, the number that the country gets now is nowhere close to it. As the destination, Nepal is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. The massive Himalayan range, amazing people, beautiful culture, and a rich diversity make the country a place to go for wonderful experiences.

From trekking to cultural tours, there is a diverse range of experiences that travelers can get in Nepal. Be it the popular Everest Base Camp Trek or remote area trekking like Kanchenjunga Trek, you get an unparalleled trekking experience in the country. It is not only the trekking adventure but also several cultural tour options are in the country. You can choose to go for the tour experience of your choice.

Bringing in more number of tourists is certainly helpful in helping the country prosper while the travelers get awesome holiday experiences.

Unparalleled Trekking Experience

Even when the country doesn’t celebrate any campaign, trekking is surely one of the reasons to visit Nepal. The presence of incredible Himalayas in the country offers a wonderful trekking experience. Enjoying the overwhelming views of the Himalayas as you traverse the trail certainly gives you a lifetime experience.

You can choose to trek whether in the popular regions like Annapurna and Everest or in the remote area like Upper Mustang. There are also several options to go for short trekking adventures if you look for the kind of experience.

Cultural Immersion

While mountains are the obvious fact about Nepal, very few travelers know about the culture here. A diverse range of culture is what makes Nepal a unique country. Such a small country boasts about 125 different ethnicities and 92 different languages. And every ethnic group has its own culture and tradition.

It is a famous saying that people travel to Nepal for the mountains for the first time and for the people later. Beautiful people and their amazing culture attract many tourists. You can also plan cultural immersion travel to Nepal in 2020.

Luxury Adventure Travel

While Nepal is basically an adventure travel destination, you can mix a bit of luxury in it. From luxury trekking to a helicopter tour to Everest, you can fuse adventure and luxury together. This mode of travel certainly gives you the experience to cherish. A unique combination of luxury and adventure is truly an amazing experience.

Adventure Activities

When you travel for trekking or a cultural tour, you can always think of some great add-ons to your trip. The activities like rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, mountain flight, zip flying, etc. make the main trip even more wonderful. You can also add jungle safari adventure when you are traveling to Nepal.

In addition to the above experiences, you can also go for yoga retreats, mountain biking, motor-biking, volunteering, and homestay, etc. There are several wonderful experiences that you can include in your travel plan to Nepal.

Although the country is celebrating the Visit Nepal Year 2020, there are also lots of challenges. If the condition of the infrastructures improves, there will be an increasing number of travelers every year for sure.

When you visit Nepal in 2020, you will be supporting the cause of the country to come out of the disastrous effects. But at the same time, you will surely get an experience of traveling that you will never forget.

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