Upper Mustang Tour Packages

Upper Mustang Tour Packages

Upper Mustang is a wonderful Himalayan region in Nepal where you will find unique cultures to incredible mountainous landscapes. There are various ways to explore the region and we are going to write about those ways here in this article. This blog about Upper Mustang Tour Packages will bring all those different ways of exploring Mustang together.

After reading this blog, you will come to know about the ways that you can explore Upper Mustang. From trekking to motorbiking, you can choose the option that suits your interest the best to explore the wonderful Himalayan region.

Here are some wonderful Upper Mustang Tour Packages.

Learn about these ways to explore the Upper Mustang region and choose the way that suits you.

Upper Mustang Trek

You will go to explore the ancient kingdom of Lo in Upper Mustang Trek and immerse yourself in the cultural and natural wonders of the region. This adventure takes you deeper into the restricted region of Mustang in the Himalayas. You can explore the vast stretches of rugged mountains and jagged cliffs along with the timeless villages that come along the trail.

The trek finally takes you to Lo Manthang – the ancient kingdom of Lo – where you will find yourself being surrounded by the civilization that is still untouched by modernity. Trekking in the region goes through several mountain passes and villages with views of incredible Himalayan peaks. You will also explore the ancient monasteries and caves. Mustang is listed as a restricted region by Nepal Government so a special permit has to be obtained to go trekking in the region.

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour is another popular way to explore the region. Although the region is famous as a restricted trekking destination, you can also explore the place by Jeep. It is shorter than the trekking adventure which takes 17 days to complete while the jeep tour is only 12 days.

You will drive through the Kali Gandaki river gorge, the deepest in the world, towards the beautiful Lo Manthang. The tour will have several stops along the way to explore beautiful villages and surroundings. The villages at higher altitudes will have a different lifestyle and cultural practices than in the lower regions.

Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour

Riding a thundering motorbike through the mountains of Mustang is another of the Upper Mustang Tour Packages to explore the region. This adventure tour brings you an experience of a lifetime. It is a special way of exploring the wonders of the Upper Mustang that many people can only dream of. But when you are on a motorcycle tour, you can explore the region at your pace and in style.

The tour is not only about riding a motorbike but it is also about visiting the wonderful land of Mustang. Exploring its rugged landscapes with jagged cliffs and magnificent mountains, Mustang is a spectacular place to be in. And Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour brings that chance to you and you will love the experience.

As a beautiful and unique mountain region, Mustang certainly attracts many visitors – domestic and international. And you have options to choose from to visit and enjoy the magnificence of Mustang.

Let us know how you want to go on the adventure.

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