Trekking to Upper Mustang in 2023

Trekking to Upper Mustang in 2023

Have you been wondering about where to go for your next adventure trip? How about trekking to Upper Mustang in 2023? We are not sure if you have heard about the Upper Mustang region in Nepal. But we are quite certain that this part of the Himalayas of Nepal can be the ideal destination for your adventure in 2023.

There are several wonderful reasons why you should consider trekking to Upper Mustang as your adventure destination in 2023. This remote part of the Himalayas of Nepal has maintained its rustic charm even after it has become accessible by road. Adventure trekking in Mustang in Nepal still requires a special permit from the government of Nepal as a restricted region. We are going to talk about some points that make trekking to Upper Mustang a great adventure.

Trekking to Upper Mustang to Experience a Remote Mountain Lifestyle

The secluded region of Upper Mustang is rich in its age-old civilization. It is a wonderful matter of fact that the civilization here has still remained unaffected by modernity. You will explore the unique civilization of the region that is a wonder for the modern world. The major center of Upper Mustang is Lo Manthang which worked as the capital of the region. The region used to have its own king until recently. The faith of Mustang is on the king has remained unshaken for a long time now. Although they followed the Nepali constitution and rules, their social norms and values guided their lifestyle most of the time.

Cultural Life in Upper Mustang

Immerse in the Timeless Cultural Wonders

Another wonderful fact about Upper Mustang is its cultural riches. Upper Mustang has a strong cultural influence of Tibetan Buddhism that guides their lifestyle. The ancient Buddhist scriptures explain interesting stories about the existence of the culture there. There are so many legendary stories on how the human settlement started at that remote part of the mountains. It is the timelessness of the culture that has been in practice in the region that is so fascinating. It is certainly an unbelievable fact to see and experience such surprises in today’s world.

You can plan to trek during Tiji Festival.

Enjoy Dramatic and Surreal Landscape

You cannot stay from praising the vastness of the dry and ruggedly mountainous landscape of Upper Mustang. It is amazing to see jagged cliffs and walls with caves on them. The landscapes offer an experience of being in the true wilderness of the mountains. You will find yourself amidst the vast folds of the spectacularly jagged landscapes throughout the region. Traveling through the Upper Mustang landscape is like nowhere else. It is just simply more than amazing.

Trekking to Upper Mustang

Although trekking to Upper Mustang brings many more amazing experiences to you, we would sum up the overall experiences around these three points. Trekking along the Kali Gandaki River Valley up towards the vast desert-like mountainous landscape of Upper Mustang will introduce you to the true wilderness of the mountains.

Trekking to Upper Mustang in Nepal will also bring you an opportunity to enjoy a wonderful Himalayan trekking experience. In addition to the trekking adventure, you will also get overwhelming experiences of the above-mentioned points. Without making the post longer, to sum up, the gist, you can choose Upper Mustang as your adventure travel destination in 2023.

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