Trekking to Rara Lake: An Adventure Journey to the Biggest Lake in Nepal

The trekking journey to Rara Lake in the western mountains of Nepal is a beautiful adventure experience that you can ever look for. If you want to be in a peaceful adventure, Rara Lake Trek is certainly the trip to go for.  You will explore and experience the wonderful mountain surroundings as you trek to the lake. When you reach the lake, you will be marveled by the beauty of the lake.

However, getting to the lake takes a long journey by road or by air and a walking adventure. As the lake lies in the western region of the country, it takes two days just to get into the region. Later, a few days of trekking through the wonderful region of the mountains takes you eventually to Rara Lake. It is a short trekking adventure through the beautiful villages and places along the trail. Once you reach the lake, you will have an extra day to spend to explore and exploit the beauty of the lake.

Getting into the Rara Lake

Although it takes a trekking effort to reach Rara Lake, you also need to make a journey before the trek starts. Normally, people fly to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu that takes around 45 minutes. An overland journey also takes you to Nepalgunj but it is a long drive that can be too tiring at times. So, flight is the best option to minimize the time to travel.

Flying will also allow you enough time to explore around Nepalgunj. The next morning you fly to Jumla and start the trek. It takes you around five days to reach the lake. You will trek through a magnificent and peaceful region that offers an incredible experience. Several beautiful villages along the trail will give you an amazing cultural exploration of the region.

Reaching Rara Lake is a wonderful combination of flights and trekking. After exploring the beauty of the lake, you can either fly out from Talcha or trek back to Jumla and fly back. Flying back from Talcha will shorten the duration of your trek. You will certainly have options to choose whether you want to trek shorter or longer.

The Rara Experience

Rara is the biggest lake in Nepal. It is not only famous for its size but also for the overwhelming beauty it has. Now that the trekking route has been established to the lake, many trekkers head there for the adventure every year. While the entire trekking adventure is a beautiful experience, you will love the moment you spend at Lake.

The pristine surroundings of the lake offer such incredible beauty that cannot be explained in words. It is a magical feeling and experience to be in such a wonderful place. You will feel like you are in a different world.  Watching the lake water generate peaceful waves as the soft breeze gently touches the water. The magical touch of the soft breeze blowing past the lake certainly rejuvenates you. You will also love the wonderful surroundings of the lake

An Ideal Adventure at Peaceful Area

If you prefer to be in a peaceful region and love the wilderness, Rara Lake Trek is an ideal adventure for you. The accommodations and foods along the trail to the lake are pretty basic. If you can enjoy the basic necessities and love exploring the wilderness wonders, you will certainly love this adventure.

You have various options to explore the beauty of the Lake. The first option is to fly to Jumla and enjoy trekking through the region before reaching the lake. And if you do not like to trek long, you have also the option to fly to Talcha and just trek a day to reach the lake. The next is a motorbiking trip to Rara Lake that will be quite an adventurous journey of your lifetime.

Regardless of the option, you choose to explore the lake, you will certainly exploit the magical charm of the lake. This an incredibly remote and rural trekking adventure in Nepal that offers you an experience to cherish for life.

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