Trekking Tips

When you have planned to visit Nepal for trekking purpose, there will be few things which you need to be careful about. Trekking tips during Nepal trek are very useful and necessary as the tips will help you to successfully complete trekking adventure in Nepal. Several seen and unseen challenges might be there on the path of trekking and trekking tips will help you to overcome such challenges and make your adventurous trekking experience a successful one. Some of the popular trekking tips that will be very useful during your trekking in Nepal are listed below.

  1. Many of the trekking destinations in Nepal are above 4000 meters of altitude (some as high as 5500 meters above sea level) and hence the problem of high altitude sickness is seen regularly amongst the tourists. Hence, the first and the foremost trekking tip would be to acclimatize well to the changing conditions and the altitude. That would help to tackle the problem of altitude sickness.
  2. If you are planning for trekking along some of the trails like Everest Base Camp Trek or theAnnapurna Base Camp Trek, then some prior trekking experience would be very beneficial. Such trekking destinations might be difficult and tough for those who have never had prior experience in trekking. However, there are many such trails like Ghorepani Poonhill trekking which do not need previous experience and they are relatively easy to ascend.
  3. Another advice for the trekkers who are planning for trekking in Nepal would be that you should not hurry and panic during the course of trekking. You are advised to take your time and go about your trekking in an unhurried manner. That would help to solve many of the problems.
  4. You are also advised to bring some of general materials and clothes that are required for trekking. It will be easier if stuffs like comfortable trekking boots, cold preventive jackets, caps, trekking sticks etc. are brought by you. Other special requirements will be provided by the concerned trekking agency.
  5. Also, the availability of porters and trekking guides will be very helpful during the course of trek. Also, we would like to suggest you to do a little bit of research through internet about the trekking destination that will fall under the travel itinerary during Nepal trekking. That will help you to prepare for the trek as you will have a general idea of the destination and the things you should expect when you finally arrive for trekking.

The above mentioned points are some of the general trekking tips for the tourists who are planning for trekking in Nepal. Besides them, there are several other tips too but you will discover them yourself once you start the trek. Moreover, the experienced trekking guides will answer whatever queries you have during the course of trek.