Trekking Adventure around Kathmandu: A Short yet Beautiful Walking Adventure Holiday

View from trekking adventure around Kathmandu valley

The surrounding hills of Kathmandu valley have beautiful walking trails. These trails offer from one-day hiking to multi-day trekking adventure. A trekking adventure around Kathmandu valley is a peaceful walking adventure without going high into the Himalayas. Three or four days of walking around the ridge of the surrounding hills offer you the views of mountains and valley. You can also enjoy the serenity of the pristine nature.

The walk around Kathmandu valley is also popular as Kathmandu valley rim trek or some also call it Chisapani Dhulikhel Trek. An easy but wonderfully beautiful walking adventure, trekking around Kathmandu is a nice time out in nature and peaceful surroundings.

Where does the trek start?

There are options to choose for the duration of the trip to walk around Kathmandu. You can start the trek from Kakani and finish in the Godavari in around 7-8 days. But the most popular walk around the valley goes for a short period of 3 days. It starts at Sundarijal and finishes in Dhulikhel.

Three days of a wonderful time in nature walking through peaceful surroundings brings beautiful memories. Starting the trek in Sundarijal and finishing in Dhulikhel gives you three beautiful days of walking.

Where to stay overnights?

Since the walking trail is easily accessible, good facilities of accommodations are available in most of the parts. Some places have basic teahouse accommodation facility. If you go on a longer version of the walk, you will stay in simple teahouses more than hotels. But the short walk that starts from Sundarijal has the first night on a teahouse while the second night is in a proper hotel at Nagarkot.

But one thing is certain that you will be staying in the places with a beautiful view of the mountains and the valley. You will enjoy the atmosphere not only of the trail but also of the places where you stay overnight.

What to expect from the trek?

Although the walk around Kathmandu is not a Himalayan trekking adventure, you can certainly expect to enjoy the view of the Himalayas. The trek does not go higher than 2,200 meters but brings an incredible view of the mountains and surroundings. Pristine nature along the trail makes the entire trip peaceful. You will also trek past beautiful local villages that give you a chance to enjoy the local lifestyle.

It is an easy trekking adventure that suits to all fitness level. The most important thing you can expect from the trek is a peaceful time in nature. Local lifestyle experience is another wonderful fact of the trip.

When can you go on the trek?

Since the adventure is a low elevation and easy trek, you can go on the adventure throughout the year. This trek is an all-season adventure in Nepal, unlike many other high altitude treks. Going on the trek in different seasons, certainly, bring different wonders for you to experience. Be it winter or spring, monsoon or autumn, you can certainly enjoy and admire the beauty of the trek.

It is a perfect short vacation option in Nepal. If you have less than a week to spend on a destination, this trip is the ideal trip. You will certainly love watching the long range of the Himalayas and the wonderful valley. Enjoying the sunrise experience over the Himalayas during the trip is an experience to admire.

You will also exploit and explore the beautiful nature and local village wonders during the trip. The trekking adventure around Kathmandu valley is certainly the trip for you if you are looking for some peaceful time in nature. In just less than a week, you will get the experience that you can treasure lifelong.

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