Top Highlights of Upper Dolpo Trek

One of the most remote and strenuous trekking adventures in Nepal, Upper Dolpo Trek is an amazing Himalayan trekking adventure. The remoteness and the difficulty level of the trek meet the extreme level during the adventure. Although a long and a strenuous adventure, there are some awesome highlights of the Upper Dolpo Trek that make the trip an incredible experience. This elegant yet one of the least explored areas in the mountains has a lot to offer to the adventure trekkers.

While going on one of the restricted area trekking adventures in Nepal, you need to obtain a special permit to trek. The permit costs you USD 500 per person for 10 days and USD 50 per person per day for the additional days beyond the first 10 days. Although you pay a huge amount of money to obtain the permit, the experience you get from the adventure is simply indescribable. Let’s learn about the amazing highlights of the Upper Dolpo Trek that makes the trip an experience of a lifetime.

Awesome Remoteness of the Upper Dolpo

The adventure trekking in Upper Dolpo is the exploration of the remote area in the mountains. You will trek through such isolated regions of the mountains that are quite far away from the effects of modernism. It is not only the remote landscapes but also the entirety feels at the remote. The adventure brings to you some of the unique cultural experiences in the world. As you trek through the higher region of Dolpo, you will explore timeless cultural traditions that the region has been practicing.

The entire experience of trekking in Upper Dolpo is the experience of exploring the remote landscapes and cultural traditions.

Beautiful Phoksundo Lake

Along the trail to the Upper Dolpo comes a beautiful lake called Phoksundo. This lake is a wonderful highlight of the trek. Lake Phoksundo is not only a beautiful lake but also the deepest lake in Nepal. You will have an extra full day to explore around and exploit the beauty of the lake and its surroundings.

The lake makes the trekking adventure to Upper Dolpo an amazing experience to cherish for life.

Amazing Shey Gompa and Life around it

Shey Gompa is certainly one of the highlights of the trip. A center of great spiritual faith in the region, the place offers trekkers an experience of traditional cultural wonders in the region. If Shey Gompa experience were to be taken out from the trip, the adventure would certainly be incomplete.

The unique cultural tradition in practice in the region gives a wonderful cultural immersion. You will explore and experience the simplicity of the lifestyle of the region. Shey Gompa is a sacred pilgrimage site for the people living in the Dolpo region. They go on a holy pilgrimage to the place at least once a year.

Wonderful Wilderness of the Mountains

As this is one of the most remote area trekking adventures in Nepal, you will certainly get the best wilderness experience of the mountains. Upper Dolpo Trek goes into the region that is one of the most undeveloped regions in the country. You can imagine the wilderness of the mountains of the area where the modern commodities are lacking.

Most of the region is completely untouched by the modern infrastructural development so is far from the influence of modernity. You can experience the remote and rural lifestyle in Nepal at its best expression.

Although trekking adventure in Upper Dolpo costs you more money and needs more time, it certainly gives you the experience worth more than what you pay. It is also one of the best remote area trekking adventures in Nepal. While you are on this adventure, you will feel like you have reached a different world. But, believe us, you will surely enjoy one of the best adventures of your lifetime.