Top Amazing Facts about Nepal

The Himalayan range is one of the amazing facts about Nepal

Nepal has many wonderful facts that will amaze you. If you are planning to visit Nepal sooner or later, you should know about those facts. These amazing facts about Nepal tell you a lot about the country. You will understand the country better if you know some interesting facts before traveling there.

From history to geography, Nepal has a lot of beautiful things to share with the world. These facts make Nepal a uniquely beautiful country and a destination to explore. Here, on this post, we have written about to amazing facts about Nepal that will give you a much better understanding of the country.

Country of the Mt. Everest

Have you heard of the Mt. Everest – the highest mountain on earth? Nepal is the country where the highest mountain stands tall in the magnificent Himalayan range. If you didn’t know that Mt. Everest is in Nepal, you now know it.

Thousands of people set off for a trekking adventure to the Everest Base Camp. Hundreds of climbers head to the Everest aiming to climb to the top of the highest mountain. The Nepali name for the Everest is Sagarmatha.

Birthplace of Buddha

Did you know that Buddha was born in Nepal? Yes, he was born in Lumbini of Nepal. It is one of the amazing facts about Nepal that make this country unique and beautiful. The Buddha preached the knowledge of living a happy life. You can certainly see the effects of the vibes in the life of people here.

Hindu Majority

You may be surprised to learn that Nepal is a Hindu majority country in spite of being the birthplace of Buddha. Hinduism exists in the majority of the part of the country covering about eighty percent of the population. There are several Hindu temples you can see whenever you visit places in Nepal.

Nepal is a Landlocked Country

Many people may not have the idea that Nepal is a landlocked country. This small and beautiful country lies between two big countries – India and China. There is the magnificent Himalayan range in the northern part of the country with most of the land covered by middle hills.

An Ancient Lake turned Capital City

Kathmandu is the modern capital city of Nepal and has a history of over 2000 years. What the ancient history tells us is that the Kathmandu valley was once a lake. The ancient lake water was drained by a Buddhist monk and he established the human settlement. This beautiful valley with a lot of ancient and medieval cultural heritage wonders is a bustling metropolitan city and the capital city of the country now.

125 Ethnic Groups and 92 Languages

Would you believe if we say there are 92 languages spoken in Nepal with 125 different ethnic groups living in the country? Well, you have to believe it because that is what the recorded statistics say. It is certainly one of the amazing facts about Nepal that there are 92 different languages spoken in such a small country. You will find great diversity in Nepal.

The tradition of Kumari – the Living Goddess

With unique cultural traditions, Nepal offers a beautiful experience of exploring cultural heritage. You will be amazed to learn that Kathmandu has a unique tradition of worshipping a living girl as a goddess. The tradition of Kumari in Kathmandu is certainly a unique cultural experience for you. It makes Nepal the home of unique cultural traditions and riches that sound unbelievable.

Home to 8,000-meter Mountains

Another of the amazing facts about Nepal is that eight of ten 8,000-meter mountains in the world are in Nepal. The Himalayan range in the northern part of the country is the home to those gigantic peaks. Hundreds of thousand people visit Nepal to enjoy the beautiful Himalayan peaks and trekking in the mountains.


In addition to these top amazing facts about Nepal, there are also several other interesting facts about the country. But these ones certainly make it to the top of the list.

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