Top 5 Things to do in Nepal

Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal - Top 5 Things to do in Nepal

Planning a travel to Nepal in the near future and wondering what you can do there? It is always a better idea to find out the things that you can do in the place you are traveling to. To make your Nepal travel research a bit easier, we have prepared a list of top 5 things to do in Nepal. The list includes top major activities that you can indulge on your travel to Nepal.

While Nepal is primarily famous for its magnificent mountains, there are so many other wonderful things that you can explore and enjoy. From cultural to natural adventures, Nepal offers you some incredible travel experiences. We guarantee that these things to do in Nepal will give you unparalleled experience to cherish in a lifetime.

Having the idea of these Top 5 Things to do in Nepal will keep you on the loop about Nepal

The diversity of in culture, topography, and ethnicity is what you can experience the best about the country. As a traveler, you will find these things pretty interesting and worthy to explore. Read about the things below to find out what you can do when you travel to Nepal.

1. Go for Trekking Adventure

Trekking is most probably the most popular activity to do in Nepal. As a Himalayan country, Nepal is the home to excellent views and natural wonders. Enthusiasts of trekking adventure, long and short, love the idea of traveling to Nepal for the adventure.
With the presence of the gigantic Himalayas and hilly region, Nepal has many beautiful walking experiences to offer. From the famous Everest Base Camp Trek in the Everest region to the beautiful but less explored Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, you can explore the mountain and nature wonders. You should certainly consider going on a trekking adventure to Nepal once in your lifetime.


2. Soft Adventure Tours

In addition to the trekking adventure, Nepal also has several cultural and soft adventure tour experiences. Soft adventures in Nepal include day hiking trips to cultural sightseeing exploration of beautiful places to jungle safari activities. From Nagarkot Day Hiking Trip to many other different tours in Nepal, you can explore Nepal to experience wonderful cultural and natural diversities.


3. Paragliding, Bungee, Rafting

Nepal is also famous for adventure and fun sports like paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting, etc. These activities are one of the best experiences that you can get in Nepal.  While these activities may not be the primary purpose of your visit, you can always include these adventures on your main trip. Adding these adventures in your main trip gives your trip a new excitement.


4. Helicopter Tour and Mountain Flight

If you are not a trekker and yet want to experience the wonders of the mountains, you should certainly go for these trips. Exploring the mountain regions on a helicopter tour is a wonderful activity to do in Nepal. You can choose the mountain region you want to explore and head into the region on a helicopter for the exploration. This is also an excitingly beautiful tour option growing popular every day.
If you want to take another version of exploring the Everest, you can go for a mountain flight to the Everest. It is a flight of an hour on a regular basis by a plane that takes you to the Everest region that offers you miraculous views of the mountains.
While Everest Helicopter Tour offers you the chance to land in the mountains and explore the place for some time, Mountain Flight is a complete aero exploration. You fly from Kathmandu airport and land back at the same.


5. Yoga and Volunteering

Although Nepal is the land of Yoga, people have recently started knowing about it. So many ancient yogis lived in the Himalayas of Nepal and practiced their yoga. Since ancient times, Nepal has been the land of yoga and it has been gaining more attention in recent days. When you plan your visit to Nepal, you can keep yoga in mind too. You can always integrate some yoga learning in your Nepal travel program.
Another awesome thing that you can do in Nepal is volunteering. You can find awesome volunteering opportunities in Nepal that has a wide range of area selection from teaching English to working with locals.

Although this list includes Top 5 Things to do in Nepal, there are so many other wonderful things to do that will give you a beautiful experience of exploring Nepal. However, these experiences list here is certainly the subject of main concern. You will find most of the incredible experiences within these activities.

If we have not covered the activity that you want to do in Nepal, Let us know about it. We will happily give you information about the activity.