Things you will Love as a Traveler in Nepal

Things you will love as a traveler in Nepal

If Nepal is on your list of the countries you like to visit, it is better to know a bit about this beautiful Himalayan country beforehand. Although a small country in South Asia, there are so many things you will love as a traveler in Nepal. You will obviously take the mountains to be one of those things and you are right there. But this beautiful country is not only about the mountains but also about several other things that are incredible.

This article explores the things you will love as a traveler in Nepal. You will find it helpful to set some expectations for your visit to Nepal. Although it is always better to travel without expectation, knowing something about the place you want to travel to is immensely helpful. Let’s find out what are those things that you can enjoy while you are in Nepal.


You may have been thinking of the obvious ‘mountains’ but we like to keep people before the mountains. People that you will get in touch with are the first impression of the country. Mountains come later. Nepalese people have friendly characteristics and always bear a wide smile on their faces. They obviously have a big heart and a heart-warming hospitable nature. Although you may be thinking the mountains to be the most important attraction, you will know people are no less charming. In fact, they emanate more incredible charm than anything else.


The gigantic Himalayan peaks are the first things that come to people’s imagination when they hear about Nepal. Obviously, the mountains are one of the best things that nature has gifted to this country. The tourism industry of Nepal currently is mainly and directly dependent on the mountains. From Mt. Everest to other 8,000-meter mountains to several other beautiful snow-capped peaks certainly, look overwhelming to anyone getting a view of them.


You will be surprised to learn about so much of the diversity in cultures in a small country. Nepal is a country of people of different ethnicity, culture, and lifestyle. You will find a wide range of diversity in cultures from different ethnic groups living around the country. It is a wonderful place to experience different and beautiful cultures within a small area.

Simplicity of Lifestyle

Nepalese people live a simple life that has a huge influence on the culture of their community. The rural mountain life is so inspiringly simple that feels wonderful from all aspects. You may feel the hardships that people living in the mountains should go through every day but it is amazing to see them so happy and content.


Spirituality is an integral part of the Nepalese lifestyle. You can feel the spiritual vibes everywhere you go in the country. The air is full of the spiritual vibes that offer the same in the places and lives of people that you will come across. Spiritual experience will be one of your liking in Nepal when you travel here. This will be one of the best ways to know how the Nepali lifestyle has been set up.


As a country full of natural wonders, you are sure to love the nature that this country has to offer you. Greenery and other natural wonders will keep you amazed. The rural mountains have nature so pristine that you feel like staying there for your life. You will certainly love the charm that nature adds in addition to other attractions to the beauty of Nepal.

Are there any other things that you loved during your visit to Nepal if you have already been to this amazing country? Please feel free to add them to the comment. We love to hear from you.