Things to know about Kanchenjunga Trekking Adventure

Kanchenjunga Trekking brings pristine natural surroundings and breathtaking view of the mountains

Kanchenjunga Trekking explores the beautiful region of the third highest mountain in the world. Mt. Kanchenjunga (8,586m) stands impressively tall amongst various other mountains in the magnificent Himalayan range. The mountain lies in the easternmost part of the Himalaya in Nepal. Many adventure trekkers explore the region of Mt. Kanchenjunga every year.

It is not only the magnificence of the mountains but also various other wonders work miracle on the trekkers. The walking adventure in the region is ideally suitable for the trekkers who love walking in the wilderness for a long time. Trekking in Kanchenjunga normally goes for around three weeks involving six hours of walk every day. In addition to Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, there are many other trekking adventures in the region.

What is Kanchenjunga trekking like?

The best part of the adventure is a peaceful trail with fewer trekkers. Since the region lies in the far-east and the access is a little difficult, only fewer trekkers make it there. It offers you the chance to explore the region in a peaceful atmosphere throughout the trek.

Although most of the eastern part of Nepal is developed, the region where the trekking goes is in the wilderness. Human habitation is sparsely spread in the mountains. The terrain is rough and rugged throughout. You can experience the wilderness on the trek right from the beginning of the walking adventure.

As you trek to the higher elevation in the mountains, you can feel the magnificence of wilderness growing stronger. Although you will trek through the area with limited human settlement and movement, the adventure satisfies the true adventurer in you. You will surely love the experience that you will go through during the adventure.

Whether you trek to Kanchenjunga base camp or in the region, you will explore and enjoy the area that gives you a wonderful trekking experience.

Rich Nature and Biodiversity

Since the region is still far from being crowded with trekkers, you can explore the best of natural wonders. The pristine state of nature and rich biodiversity in the region offer an incredible experience of adventure.

Lush green forest in the lower region enlivens and invigorates you to walk through. As you gain elevation, you will feel the change in vegetation but still, the essential magnificence is present. Trekking through the high mountain pass and glacial paths in the higher elevation gives you a feel of real adventure.

You will have the chance to see Snow Leopard and Himalaya Black Bear along the trail. Assamese Macaques are common along the trail. In addition to the wildlife, you will also enjoy the beauty of cascading waterfalls and gushing river during the adventure.

The solitary trails that lead you higher and deeper into the mountains bring peaceful surroundings. Human settlements are sparse along the region. But there are wonderfully beautiful villages of Rai, Limbu and Sherpa communities along the trail.

Cultural Trekking Immersion

Although the human settlement is sparse, you can still experience some wonderful cultures of the ethnic people living in the region. When you walk along the lower region of Kanchenjunga, you walk past beautiful Rai and Limbu villages. The overnight stopovers bring you the chance to explore those villages.

The higher you walk, the sparser the villages get. But you will walk past and stopover amazing Sherpa villages. These villages truly give you beautiful cultural immersion on the adventure. Cultural experience in addition to the views of mountains and peaceful surroundings make the adventure beautiful.

Although less-explored and still not-so-popular adventure, Kanchenjunga trekking is no less wonderful adventure. Despite the challenges and difficulties on the trek, you will love what you will get to experience. It is certainly one of the best long trekking adventures.

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