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Best Time to go on Upper Mustang Trek

Trekking to Mustang is an absolutely delightful adventure in Nepal. While the trekking adventure is a seasonal activity in Nepal, you should know when to go for the adventure. Like every other trekking adventures, there is also the best time to go on Upper Mustang Trek. Visiting the wonderful region of the Himalaya at the best time brings you a unique experience.

The Mustang region in the Himalaya is a rain shadow in Nepal. It gets less rainfall even during the monsoon season when the rest of the country gets heavily rainy. Other seasons in Mustang are dry and windy so it makes trekking in Mustang challenging.


So, what is the best time to go on Upper Mustang Trek?

The most certain answer to the question is the rainy season. Upper Mustang Trek can be best experienced during the months of June-September. As the rain shadow, Mustang receives less rainfall enough to keep the dust settled and the trail nice enough to traverse. The rain doesn’t disturb the trekking experience. In fact, the days will be pleasant in Mustang during the monsoon season.

The months of August and September are even more magical in Mustang as the crops fields have beautiful buckwheat bloom. You can enjoy the beautiful buckwheat fields with the background of colorful jagged cliffs. However, even during the best time to go on Upper Mustang Trek, there are only fewer trekkers in the region. As Mustang is a restricted area, the region gets fewer trekkers than other trekking areas. You can explore the area at a completely peaceful atmosphere even during the peak season.


Beautiful village and crops field in Mustang

Spring and autumn trekking seasons in Mustang

The spring months of March-May and autumn months of September-November are the best time to trek in Nepal. While the trekking areas like Everest and Annapurna have thousands of people, how is it in Mustang? Do people trek in Mustang during these seasons?

There are certainly people traversing through the amazing landscapes of Mustang to Lo Manthang during the peak trekking season. You can meet a lot of people flying into Jomsom or driving through Kali Gandaki river gorge towards Mustang. These pleasant trekking seasons bring spectacular views of the mountains and surroundings. With the increasing temperature of the spring season, the days might get drier but the views are appealing throughout the trek.


Is it possible to trek to Mustang in winter?

Mustang is a year-round trekking destination. Although it gets cold, it is still possible to trek in Mustang even during the winter season. You may or may not meet any other fellow trekkers along the region, but you can thoroughly enjoy the adventure.

There will be only a few guesthouses and shops open along the trail during the winter. Most of the people of Upper Mustang leave their villages to go lower to the warmer area. But some people still live there facing the winter at their lovely place. Even if you trek to Mustang during winter, you will get some places to stay overnight. However, food choice may be a problem. You may have to stick to the limited to no food choice.


Wonderful wall caves in Mustang, Nepal

What to expect during trekking in Mustang?

Mustang is the land of beautiful landscapes of jagged cliffs, mountains, and villages. Trekking in the region brings to you some incredible experiences of traveling. Colorful landscapes and ancient cultures of the region amaze people. You can expect some surreal traveling experience during the trekking adventure in Mustang.


Be it the popular trekking seasons or during winter, you can go for trekking in the Upper Mustang region. However, the best time to go on Upper Mustang Trek can be the monsoon season. The season has got fresh air, better weather conditions, and nice and clear views. It is certainly a wonderful adventure traveling experience.

If you have got any questions regarding Upper Mustang Trek, please feel free to contact us. We will definitely be in touch with the information you need.

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