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Things To Do In Nepal

Things to do in Nepal are everything for all kind of adventure and non adventure travelers. Are you trying to plan a trip to Nepal? Or trying to find some amazing things to do in Nepal. Nepal is a small south Asian country between two giants India and China. It has some diverse land structure which gives birth to the majestic natural resources. It gives birth to the unique culture inherited from their ancestors trying to adopt to those extreme natural conditions. Those rough and dynamic landforms host some extreme adventurous activities. These activities have acted as a pull factor for international as well as national visitors. Due to these mystical gifts of mother nature and the people living in these extreme landforms one can easily get the rush of adrenaline.

So, by participating in these extreme and adventurous sports, an individual can experience tingles. As Nepal has its own ways to amuse you with the unique experience it has to offer. If a person wants to have a magical experience in Nepal, they would certainly witness the change of the seasons here. As they say “Nepal, once is not enough”. There are a lot of things to do in Nepal from the bone chilling adventures to the exploration of the diverse culture and lifestyle, from riding the roaring waters of the rivers to the calming views of the peaks.

Nepal has a variety of experience to offer where it showcases its unique culture, ancient architecture, diversified ecology, and climate, lifestyle, adventurous to extreme sports, cities with historical importance, highest peaks, dense jungle, and a touch of nature. The things to do in Nepal may vary from people to people as some may require adventure and the rush of adrenaline where some may require more calming and relaxing environment, some may be interested in the culture and lifestyle of the people where some may want to explore the gifts of mother nature. It is these opportunities to explore Nepal and own-self without limitation, which makes Nepal unique and welcoming. There are huge opportunities and activities Nepal has to offer everybody in regards to their necessity.

Top 14 Things To Do In Nepal

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Highly recommended things to do in Nepal

Nepal, in spite of being a country with small land mass, is home to diversified flora and fauna due to its distinctive topographical features. The dense forest and the plains of the terai lies in the lap of the Himalayas give shelter to large species of plant and animals. Nepal is also rich in its magnificent lakes, rivers and waterfall which offers calming and soothing experience. The national parks in Nepal provide a chance of observe and witness the play of nature in its best and raw state which gives great experience to the visitors.

As Nepal has some unique and dynamic natural features one can even witness the same destination changes its colors and reflect
completely different face in different seasons. One can experience totally different versions of the same place. There are lots of recreational activities for an adventure lover should not miss while visiting Nepal. Some of the highly recommended things to do in Nepal are:

1. Annapurna circuit trek

Annapurna circuit trek is all about circling the Annapurna Mountain range. It is considered as one of the famous treks done in Nepal. The duration of trek may vary from 13 to 22 days to complete. This trek can be done from two major cities Kathmandu and Pokhara. This trek provides experience of the great Annapurna massif, where one can witness the trails with snowcapped mountains, isolated local communities, and other natural wonders in the wilderness. The best time to trek here is in autumn and spring seasons. The highest attitude reached in this circuit is 5416m which is the height of Thorong La pass. This trek is considered of a moderate difficulty.

2. Annapurna sanctuary trek

Annapurna sanctuary trek is the shorter and easy version of the Annapurna region which has the duration of 10 days from Kathmandu. This adventurous trek is popular for its moderate difficulty which provides breathtaking views of the mighty Himalayas, eye- pleasing waterfalls and the culture one witness during the journey. Annapurna Sanctuary trek is also called Annapurna base camp trek of this region in the Nepal. The final destination of the trek is to the basecamp of the mighty Annapurna peak. The highest altitude reached during this trek is 4131 meter which is the height of the Annapurna base camp itself.

3. Everest base camp trek

Everest base camp trek is one of the most demanding, incredible and popular trekking package of Everest region in Nepal. Trek in Nepal is never missed to amuse the travelers of the globe. When trekking to the mighty Himalayas of Nepal, one should never miss the basecamp of Mount Everest. As Nepal is home to highest peak of the world Everest base camp is one of the thrilling treks that Nepal has to offer. It has the duration of 16 days to complete the trek from the capital. The highest point of the trek is 5545 meter which is the height of kala patthar. It is also home to the Himalayan tribe sherpas, which provides opportunity to witness the local cultures.

4. Manaslu trek

Manaslu trek is one of the majestic and challenging treks offered by Nepal. This trek offers the chilling experience of the journey through one of the adventurous terrains showcasing the landscapes of Himalayan range. The highest point of the trek is 5113 meter which is the height of Larkya La pass. The duration of the trek is 19 days from Kathmandu. Manaslu trek can be done with various different itineraries such as: Manaslu Circuit trek, Manaslu Tsum valley treks.

5. Kanchenjunga trek

Kanchenjunga trek takes you to the base camp of the world’s third highest peak. Trekking through the regions of Kanchenjunga takes about 23 days through landscapes, hills, slopes experiencing the beauty of the culture of mountain regions. Kanchenjunga trek is also called Kanchenjunga base camp trek of Kanchenjunga region. This trek is considered between moderate to hard in difficulties with the highest altitude of 5160 meters. The Kanchenjunga trek offers the exploration of the untouched wilderness and local ethnic people co-existing in a harmonious manner untouched by modernization.

6. Upper Mustang trek

From dramatic landscapes to ancient caves upper mustang offers variety of ways to amuse its visitors. The mustang region showcases its culture rich ancient settlement while retaining its natural beauties. Upper Mustang trek to this region has an experience of moving back on time. Nowadays beside of Upper mustang trek, travelers want to do Upper mustang jeep tour in this region. The untouched and unique culture seems as if it exists in the world of its own. It requires approximately 15 days to explore regions of upper mustang. The highest altitude of the trek is marang la standing at 4230 meters.

7. Langtang valley trek

Langtang valley trek offers the experience of the touch of nature in the lap of the Himalayas. In Langtang region, there is many demanding trekking trail, but this Langtang trek package one is popular than rest of others. The green forest trail in the national park region of Langtang delivers refreshing sensation to the nature enthusiast. The panoramic view of the valley and the local ethnic settlement exploration provides different experience. Their culture, settlement, cuisines and lifestyle are something one should never miss. The duration of the trek is 11 days with the highest reached altitude of 4773 meter.

8. Gokyo valley trek

Gokyo valley trek is the must do trek for those who are especially fascinated by lakes. As gokyo valley trek provides the breath-taking panoramic view of the lake, including the snow-capped mountains, glaciers and remote settlements in the Everest region. The highest reached altitude in this trek is 5357 meters with moderate difficulties. This is the popular and preferred trek in the Everest region after Everest trek itself. The duration of the trek is 13 days.

9. Shey phoksundo trek

Shey phoksundo trek is walk to the dolpa region with the main attraction being the shey phoksundo lake itself. It is considered as one of the easiest and short duration treks done in nepal. This trek is getting demanding due to its majestic and untouched beauty of the area. The duration of the trek is 9 days with the highest elevation of 3660 meters. This trek is very appropriate for beginners and lake lovers.

10. Tilicho trek

Tilicho Lake is one of the highest lakes in the world. This trek takes you to the remote areas of the Annapurna region. It is considered one of the adventurous trek with moderate difficulties. The highest altitude reached during the trek is 5416 meter. It is one of the must do trek to the lakes because of the refreshing experience it provides. It is the alternative trek for Annapurna circuit trek. The duration of trek may vary from 16 days to 20 days.

11. Mardi Himal trek

Mardi Himal trek is the trek to the base camp of mardi peak. It is renowned for is short and moderate trek to the Himalayas. It requires about 10 days to complete the trek. This trek provides the close view of the famous peak, macchapuchre and panaromic views of the mountains in the Annapurna region. The maximum altitude reached during this trek is 4500 meter. The best time to trek in mardi is between September and November.

12. Kapuche glacier trek

Kapuche Glacier Lake is the world’s lowest glacier lake in the mountains. It is in the elevation of 2546 meters. It is the best trek for novice trekkers and people who are looking for a short and quick escape to the nature. The magical glacier lake in the foot of the mountain near mardi region lets us witness occasionally, the avalanche in the near mountains while staying at the safety from far away. The untouched fresh waters of the glacier lake have its own unique color with calming experience. The duration of the trek is about 5 days.

Mountain flights

A mountain flight is a must do recreation for nature enthusiasts and novice adventurer. It basically is the flight to the mountains, where one gets chance to witness the mighty mountains up close. The mountain flight lets one to enjoy and experience the beauty of the mountains who prefer the alternatives for trekking or expeditions. The experience one gets from the mountain flights will be enough to create an urge to touch the mountains physically. It provides the effortless opportunity to be near the mountains and enjoy its magical landscape and beautiful snow-capped peaks without the effort of trekking or peak climbing for days.

Everest mountain flight, is available in Nepal which has the duration of an hour to the world’s highest peak Mount Everest. It is conducted by some trustworthy and experienced domestic airlines of Nepal, like: Buddha Air, Yeti Air, Shree Airlines, Tara Airlines from the capital, Kathmandu.

Helicopter tours

Helicopter tours are the alternative to the mountain flights and trekking to those mountain lovers. Unlike mountain flights, it gives one opportunity to experience the mountains more closely and realistically as helicopter tours are able to land on the base camps and helipads near the mountains. It makes the experience as one can get off of the aircraft and physically witness and feel the environment. It provides access to the people who are unable to trek to the places by alternative means of transportation to those regions. The most popular helicopter tours are to the base camps of the Mount Everest, Mount Annapurna, and Mardi. There are tours like langtang gosaikunda helicopter tour and Jomsom Muktinath helicopter tour.

Peak climbing

Peak climbing is one of the extreme adventurous activities in Nepal. As Nepal is the home to a lot of mountains and peaks including the highest peaks in the world. There are eight out of twelve peaks above 8000 meter in Nepal including the mighty Mt. Everest (world’s highest peak). The adventurers visiting Nepal must not miss the bone chilling experience of peak
climbing in the Himalayas. Some of the climbable peaks of Nepal are:

1. Mount Everest expedition with maximum ascend of 8848 meters which has the duration of 58 days.

2. Island peak with the highest altitude of 6189m and duration of about 28 days.

3. Mera peak is one of the moderate expeditions with the altitude of 6476 meters and duration of 20 days.

4. Kanchenjunga is the third highest peak with the elevation of 8598 meters which takes 50 days.

5. Lhotse is a peak beside Mount Everest with the height 8516 meters which takes the duration of 56 days to complete.

6. Makalu expedition is one of the difficult and popular expedition with the elevation of 8463 meters which takes about 55 days to summit and back.

7. Cho oyu peak has the height of 8201 meters with the expedition duration of 45 adventurous days.

8. Dhaulagiri has a summit of 8167 meters with the duration of 47 days.

9. Manaslu is one of the challenging expeditions with maximum altitude of 8163 meters which takes 50 days to complete.

10. Lobuche peak east is 6119 meters high, which is considered as one of the moderate expeditions of 20 days.


Hiking is a short walk, generally to the wilderness. It may be considered as the brief adventures which can be performed by visitors unable to trek for days. One of the exciting activities to do near the major cities of Nepal are short hikes to the nature. There are many destinations to visit from Kathmandu and Pokhara which can provide you with the experience in nature. The sweet cocktail of nature and culture without the need to visit remote areas of Nepal can be achieved through these hikes. Some of the most famous hikes from Kathmandu are:

Chisapani-Nagarkot- Dhulikhel hike

phulchoki hike, sundarijal hike, kakani hike, Shivapuri National Park hike and
sisneri. Pokhara valley hosts some

hiking to sarangkot and dhampus

Jungle safari and Jeep safari

Jungle safari is an exciting activity done by wildlife enthusiasts. Nepal provides the opportunity to explore the wildlife in its purest and natural way. The play of the nature can be seen during jungle safari or jeep safari where one witness the wildlife found in the Chitwan National Park. Home to the royal bengal tiger, one horned rhino and ghadiyal (alligator) it showcases the close
witness of these majestic creations of nature. The local guides provide safety during the visit who are specially trained to tackle the health hazards and unforeseen circumstances. They are skilled in their fields giving visitors the safety and comfort one can trust and explore without feeling any risk. Another destination for jungle safari is Bardia National Park jungle safari.

The must-see attraction in this Jungle safari is the Royal Bengal tiger, swamp deer, wild elephants, gangetic dolphin and 839 unique species of fauna and 642 species of fauna. Some extreme adventurous things to do in Nepal Nepal is a host to variety of extreme adventurous activities in the world. There is no adventure seeking person who returns disappointed as Nepal offers one of the best adventurous activities.

Some of the activities to hype up one’s adrenaline rush are

1. Paragliding

Paragliding is one of the popular activities among local as well as international visitors in Nepal. It makes one experience the areal view of the Himalayas scenic beauty and other landscapes. If one seeks on adventures in sky, paragliding is an ideal activity to do in Nepal. The most famous paragliding point in Nepal is from Sarangkot, near Pokhara valley followed by Godavari and Chapakharka near Kathmandu valley. For those who have none to very few skills to pilot paragliding tandem paragliding are available in which the passenger is securely placed and strapped in the glider. It makes an individual able to experience the paragliding without any experience and enjoy the adventures in the sky. A solo flight for the person willing to pilot the aircraft on their own and has the required skills and exposure.

2. Rafting/Kayaking/Canyoning

One of the most thrilling and famous water-based sports, Nepal has to offer is Rafting/Kayaking/Canyoning. Into the roaring rivers, the most exiting white-water raftingis conducted by the most skilled and trained river guides in the world. The most popular spot for rafting is in the Trisuli and Bhote Koshi rivers. Some of the rafting spots for novice and moderate rafting are Lower Seti River Rafting are Trisuli River Rafting. Some of the adventurous white-water rafting are Karnali River Rafting, Sun Koshi River rafting, Kali-Gandaki River rafting and Upper Seti River Rafting. Kayaking means simply “to rescue”. It was used for hunting and fishing in the such places where boats and other large vessels were unable to fit. It has been an extreme adventure in the swift flowing rivers of Nepal. The deep and white-water rivers host the kayaking to the adventurers. It is practiced in the rivers like Trishuli, Karnali, Bhotekoshi, Tamur, Seti and many more as it can be considered as the extreme form of rafting. The most relevant time to do rafting/kayaking/canyoning is September to November and April to June.

3. Rock climbing

Nepal is a country with a huge land mass covered by hills, mountains, ridges and many rough terrains. A perfect place to find a cliff or a ridge to climb. Nepal does not just offer you with trekking and peak climbing, there are other ways to test one’s limits. Snow caped mountains are not the only to the things to conquer in Nepal. One can conquer the raw and wild cliffs and next to impossible terrains to climb. There are lots of rock- climbing areas in Nepal where one can demonstrate their strength by experiencing the satisfying climbs. Some of the best rocks to climb in Nepal near Kathmandu is inside Shivapuri National Park which lies just beside the valley. The rock-climbing sites in Nepal are in Langtang valley, Sagarmatha National Park, Manang, Kakani, Bimal Nagar, Rakha valley and many more.

4. Bungy jumping

The experience of the freefall is what bungy has to offer to the adventurer. Nepal is popular for the most adventurous bungy held in the world which gives thrills and adrenaline in the peak. This sport is not for the faint-hearted ones, but for those who has
gathered the courage to push their limits and fear to the next level. The most popular bungy site is in Bhote koshi, operated by The Last Resort and in Kusma, one of the highest bungy jump sites operated by the cliffs. Get ready to let go of your fears and
experience the free fall of the bungy jump. Cultural tour Nepal is a country with rich culture, history, and variety of ethnic groups living harmoniously between the great Himalayas and the fertile plains of terai. Due to its diversified topography, climate and environmental features, Nepal has given birth to the unique way of living in order to adapt to the climatic conditions. The constant struggle to co-exist harmoniously with the nature, people of Nepal has developed their own lifestyle carried out from ancient times. Every region of the people has their own language, apparel, cuisine, culture, festivals, beliefs and rituals. Some of
those beliefs are so unusual and unique that outsiders may find it fascinating.

Adventure Himalaya Circuit trek and tours are providing these unique experiences with the help
of the skilled and local guides which connects the culture and lifestyle of Nepal with its visitors. The unique itinerary skillfully crafted by those local guides ensuring the best experience from the perspective of the locals are what we offer to our guests. Some places to visit and things to do in Nepal are:

Top places to visit in Kathmandu Valley

Durbar Squares

The Kathmandu Valley is a trio city of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. It is also called the city of temples as there are temples with great cultural, historical and religious importance. This a city with ancient Newari people. The monuments and places here have great importance to these people who care considered as the locals. The first thing to visit in the valley are the three durbar squares: Kathmandu Durbar Square (Basantapur), Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Patan Durbar Square. These Durbar Squares are also enlisted in the world’s heritage sites of UNESCO and has their own significance. These places host their own different kinds of jatras and holds their own history.

The Durbar Squares showcases the ancient architectures which was constructed using pagoda style, which were built in the age of the great rulers who used to rule these cities back then. During the visit of these Durbar squares one can find the local community and their lifestyle near these places. This culture consists of their day-to-day activities, their local foods and handicrafts, their ancient occupation and their cultural apparel. The Kathmandu Durbar Square is the host for Indra Jatra which is held in September where the chariots of the living goddess are roamed throughout the city. Likewise, Bhaktapur has its own jatra called Bisket Jatra (Biska) where the chariots are roamed through out the city with the local musical instrument and dances. Patan also has the jatra of machindranath and bhoto jatra where the chariot of the gods of hindu religion are
reamed throughout the city.


The Swyambhunath is located in the Kathmandu city. It is a small hill in the middle of the city. One can even enjoy the view of the Kathmandu city. In order to reach the top, one must use the stone steps built to ease the visitors, visiting Swyambhunath. It is actually a stupa of the lord buddha and has the significant importance to the followers of the Buddhism. But beside the stupa a pagoda style temple of the importance to the Hindu is also present. The co-existence of the Buddhism and Hinduism can be found in this destination as the stupa of the lord buddha and the temple of the goddess Harati (savior of children) is found. This place shows the bond between the two religion which are co-existing harmoniously.


Pashupatinath is the one of the most important hindu temple in the world. The pashupatinath temple is built in pagoda style surrounded by many small temples near the bagmati river. It is the temple of the great hindu God “Lord Shiva” who is considered as the mightiest god in Hindu religion. The word Pashupati is a Sanskrit word which translate to “The Lord of All Animals”. This temple is also enlisted in the UNESCO’s world heritage site. There are myths that the area of the temple was a grass field for the cows and a particular cow would always give its milk on the same spot and the same spot is where the pashupatinath temple is stood.

Adventure Himalayas Circuit Treks and Tours is a company which connects the travelers and the locals of the various places in Nepal. It provides the best possible experience to the travelers through various thrilling activities which showcases the products of adventure, culture, wildlife, religion, history and recreation. Some of the attractive itinerary made by our well trained and experience team provides you with proper tranquility to our most valued clients.

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Top 5 Non-trekking Activities to do in Nepal

We have written a lot about trekking adventures in Nepal. But it is not only about trekking but also for many other activities that people come to this beautiful country. There are many different non-trekking activities to do in Nepal. Did you know about those activities? This post will give you an idea about the activities other than trekking that you can do in Nepal.

From cultural tours to Jungle safari activities and from homestay experience to a yoga retreat, you can do a lot of different activities. If you had thought that Nepal is only for trekking, you will change the perspective after reading this post.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 non-trekking activities to do in Nepal.

Apart from trekking, Nepal offers you other incredible activities. Here are the top 5 of them.


Cultural Tour in Kathmandu

Kathmandu valley is the home to ancient cultures, spirituality, and beautiful lifestyle. You can spend an amazing time exploring the cultural heritage sites, beautiful Newari towns, and spiritual sites. The tour in Kathmandu will offer you a unique and beautiful cultural tour experience.

This is certainly one of the most beautiful non-trekking activities to do in Nepal. You can plan a week’s tour in Kathmandu valley and explore the wonders from ancient to the modern times. In addition to the multi-day tour, you can also take a beautiful cultural heritage day tour in Kathmandu. This tour will be a wonderful way to know Kathmandu better.


Swoyambhunath Stupa in Kathmandu

Multi-day Tour around Nepal

Another amazing non-trekking activity is the sightseeing tour around different places in Nepal.  While you go on this tour, you will get to explore and experience the diversity of the country. The diversity in culture, geography, and lifestyle in different places is simply beautiful to explore. You can explore beautiful cities like Kathmandu, Chitwan, Lumbini, Pokhara, and Bandipur. It is an incredible tour that offers a beautiful sightseeing experience.

This tour mixes multiple activities like cultural heritage tour, spiritual tour, village tour, jungle safari tour, and the view of the Himalaya with a sunrise tour.


Jungle Safari Tour

Two national parks in Nepal offer an incredible jungle safari tour. Chitwan and Bardiya national parks are the places to go for the wildlife experience. You can include this tour as a part of your bigger tour plan. These national parks are home to the one-horned rhinoceros, leopard, Bengal tiger, elephant, crocodile, deer, bison, wild boar, etc.

Taking a jungle safari tour is an incredible chance to witness these beautiful wild animals. You can also experience the cultural lifestyle of a beautiful community called Tharu during the jungle safari tour in Nepal.


One-horned rhino during jungle safari tour in Nepal

Yoga Retreat and Wellness Tour

The beautiful mountains and nature in Nepal are as rejuvenating as anything can be. Nepal is also the land of yoga in addition to the beautiful mountains. You can come for an enlivening yoga retreat experience. Staying closer to nature with a beautiful view and practicing yoga under the guidance of yoga teacher is a reenergizing experience.

You can also come for a meditation retreat in different Buddhist monasteries and meditation centers. Either yoga or a meditation retreat, the experience will recharge you with new energy. You will have a perfectly peaceful time to reflect on your life and reinvigorate.


Homestay Experience

Another of the beautiful non-trekking activities in Nepal is staying with a local host family. While staying at a hotel may give you more comfort, staying with a local host family gives you a lovely experience of the local lifestyle. There are beautiful homestay facilities in different rural areas where you can stay with the family.

This experience brings you closer to the life of local people and you will have a better understanding of their lifestyle. It is also a great way of cultural immersion.


There are also several non-trekking activities to do in Nepal in addition to the ones mentioned here on this post. However, we have chosen these activities for our top-five list. These activities are great ways to learn and understand the Nepalese lifestyle better. Now you know that Nepal is not only for trekking but also for many other activities, you can decide what to do. If you are planning a trip to Nepal sooner or later in the future, we hope this post will be of some help.

Want something more exciting? Check the Helicopter Tours in Nepal.

Let us know if we can be of more help to you.

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