Some Frequently asked Questions about Everest Base Camp Trek

If you have been planning a trekking adventure to the Everest, you must have got a lot of questions in your mind. It is natural to have questions when you are planning such a great adventure of your lifetime. Although questions that people ask are different, there are some common frequently asked questions about Everest base camp trek. We have tried to put together those questions on this post so that you have a general idea of how the adventure is like.

These are basically the common question that people ask about the Everest Base Camp Trek. We hope, after reading this post, you will certainly get the answer to the questions you may have. Whether you are an avid and experienced trekker or a novice, getting the answer to these questions will help you plan the trip accordingly. Preparing for the trip is also an exciting time so finding the right information about the trip is crucial.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Everest base camp trek.

Before setting off on the actual adventure, we have found out that people prefer to learn about these situations on the trek.

Trek Difficulty Level

One of the most frequently asked questions about Everest base camp trek is about the difficulty level of the adventure. People want to make sure if they can make it to the base camp. Although we can grade this trek as a moderately difficult trek, it depends from person to person. For some people, the trek can be extremely difficult while some people may find it an easy feat.

The difficulty level of the trek is truly determined by the level of your fitness and preparation. But a fact is obvious that you need to have a super fitness level since you will be walking for almost two weeks and in the high elevation.


Accommodation on the Trail

“Where do we stay during the trek?” is another frequently asked question. If it were a decade or more back, the answer would be different. But nowadays, there are plenty of mountain lodges to stay overnight. These lodges along the trail have made the adventure more comfortable. The terrifying cold of the night is not a big problem anymore. You will have the luxury of your lodge bed to spend the night after the tiring day walk.


Namche Bazar along the Everest Base Camp Trek

Food and Drinks during the Trek

Next concern of the people about the trek is certainly the food and drinks during the adventure. People frequently express their concern on what they can eat and drink while they are on the trek. Even though it is in the high elevation of the mountains, you can eat good foods along the trail.

You can eat from the famous Nepali Dal Bhat to Pizza and bakery along the trail to the base camp. The lodge restaurants will have a menu with varieties of food options listed. You can find cold drinks to alcoholic beverages to drink. But we strongly advise you to stay away from alcohol at a high altitude while you are trekking. Instead, make sure you drink enough water. Drinking water is available. You can either buy bottled water or use boiled water and water purifier. Buying bottled water costs you more.


Walking Duration

People also ask a lot about everyday walking duration on the trek. The walking days in the Everest region are of various lengths. Some days are as long as eight hours whereas some are just four hours. It also depends on the pace that you can traverse the trail. The truth is that the higher you reach, the slower you get on your walk.


Altitude Sickness

As the trek to Everest base camp goes to a high altitude of the mountains, there is always the risk of getting altitude sickness during the trek. But some careful steps during the trek keep you away from the risk of catching it. However, the risk cannot be completely eliminated once you reach such an elevation.

You should make sure you drink enough water to keep you hydrated. Keeping the walk on a gentle pace and taking enough breaks during the walk can minus the risk. But if unfortunately, you catch the altitude sickness, you should take the immediate measure to heal. The best way is to get to the lower elevation. If it persists and gets worse even after getting at the lower elevation, seek the emergency medical evacuation.


Lukla Airport in the Everest region

Flight to Lukla

Another of the frequently asked questions about Everest base camp trek is about the risk of flying to Lukla. It is not a hidden fact that the airport at Lukla is infamous for its risky terrain. It’s considered to be one of the most dangerous airports in the world. So, people ask how safe it is to fly to Lukla.

Flying always bears risks. It is not only the airport at Lukla. Since its situation amidst the mountains in a narrow valley, small runway, small plane, and windy sky, flying in and out of Lukla is certainly an adventurous task. The flight is adventurously fascinating.


Trekking Equipment needed for the Trek

The question about the trekking gear is certainly an obvious one. You will surely think about the stuff you need in the mountains. As these kinds of stuff are absolute necessities in the mountains, people ask a lot about the things they need in the mountains.

What to take with you in the mountains also depends on the time of the trek you are going into the mountains.


To learn more about the equipment you need for the trekking in Everest, read this article here.


Cash needed on the Trek

How much cash do I need to take for the trek? This is another important question that trekkers to Everest keep asking frequently.

How much cash you need to take depends on what kind of package you are in. If you are on a package that includes all your meals and accommodation in the mountains, you will need less cash. You need to get the cash in Kathmandu. Although there is an ATM booth at Namche Bazar, it is always a wise decision to take the needed cash from Kathmandu. You will need cash for foods, accommodation, drinks, and tips.


The above-discussed topics are the general ones that get frequently asked questions about Everest base camp trek. Knowing the answer to these questions beforehand will help you a lot in planning the adventure. You will have an idea of what to expect and how to plan and prepare for the adventure. After all, this is the adventure of your lifetime and you certainly want it to be one of the best experiences of your life.


Let us know if you have more questions about the adventure. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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What is Trekking?

Do you want to know What is trekking?

Adventure trek is generally considered as a multi day walking in the wilderness part of nature. It happens in the rural and rugged territory. It is an outdoor activity where the means of transportation is not accessible and the trekkers must do their journey on foot.

If you are looking for the exact meaning of trek and want to know what is trekking? This articles clears you about what it is.

What is Trekking?

Trekking came from the word trek. The term ‘trek’ means go on a long arduous journey, typically on foot. So, the word refers to walking into the wilderness part of the nature without using any modern means of transportation.

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    Trekking in Nepal is quite different as comparing to the other travel services as it takes you towards the natural paradise and totally far from the modern or artificial life.  It is the only one activity which tends to interact with only the beauty and purity of the nature.

    Apart from the modern life’s trekking is the only one best activity which will definitively help you to get rid from day to day life. The main objective of the trekking is not only to reach at the destination place but also exploring the Himalayan series, local villages and many others natural resources. In average a trekkers have to walk about 4-5 hrs per day and the trekking days are different from one to another. Generally there are two types of trekking one is tea house trekking and another is camping trekking. Tea house trekking is less effort than camping trek and also the cheapest one. But the camping is the best for those who love the adventures trek.  Most of the trekkers hire a guide for learning and knowing the each and every circumstances. Some trekkers also hire a porter and cook.

    Popular Destinations

    There are different destinations in the world but Nepal, the country of Himalayas will be the first choice of the ones as it offers the world’s best trail. In Nepal there are more than 200 mountains which are above 6000 m and 8 out of 14 highest peak of the world including the top of the world Mt Everest (8848 m). Some of the trekking trail of Nepal often takes towards the off beaten path and also offers the astounding scenery, introducing with the people, learning their religion and lifestyles and many more. Everest trek, Annapurna trek, Langtang trek, Mustang trek, Rara lake trek, Manaslu trek , Ghorepani-Poonhill trek, Kanchenjunga Trek, Nar Phu Valley trek etc are the famous trekking routes of Nepal.

    There are many travel desk which are scattered around the Kathmandu valley, the capital city of Nepal is only opened to give the best services to the clients and  so do Adventure Himalaya Circuit. We organize all the services which are related to travel and tourism. If anyone of you need the more information about the travel services, then we are always there for you to guideline. Throughout such following trekking are most demanding adventure and non adventure activity of Nepal. Such as

    For more details about any kind of adventure and non adventure trek, please fell free to contact us.

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    Things to do during Everest Base Camp Trek

    When you are on the Everest Base Camp Trek, it is not only walking you will enjoy but also a lot of other fascinating factors. There are a lot of things to do during Everest base camp trek other than just walking. Everest is certainly the land of wonderful mountains, landscapes, culture, nature, and lifestyle. You will get to experience various wonders of the mountains when you trek there.

    As soon as you land at the Lukla airport, if you are taking flight, you will get the feeling of the wonders that stay ahead for you. The mere imagination of walking through such beauties of the mountains can bring immense joy. If you are wondering what else, apart from walking, you can do in Everest, here are a few wonderful activities.

    Know the Sherpa Community

    Everest is the home to the amazing Sherpa community who are famous for their mountain climbing skills. They are the ones who take all the other climbers to the top of the mountains in addition to the Mt. Everest. Without the Sherpa climbers, it is impossible to climb Mt. Everest and other mountains.

    And it is certainly an incredible opportunity to take a closer look at the lifestyle of the Sherpa people. As you walk through several villages, you will get to know this wonderful climbing community well.
    The Sherpa kids in the Everest


    Practice Yoga and Meditation

    Even if you are not an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation, the vibes in the atmosphere in Everest may appeal you to give it a try. You can certainly take advantage of such a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy some yoga and meditation. The practice doesn’t have to be advanced. It can simply be a joyful activity to give you a new sense of trekking with some wellness.

    There is nothing wrong in giving something a try even if you have never done it before or intend to do it in the future. But the mountains in the Everest region can certainly be an ideal place to experience some yoga awesomeness.

    Visit Monasteries

    One of the beautiful things to do during Everest base camp trek is visiting monasteries in the region. You will find beautiful monasteries in the villages that you walk past or stopover during the trek. Those monasteries are actually the representation of the cultural lifestyle of the people living in the region. The monasteries organize several spiritual and cultural activities at different times of the year. If you research enough and plan accordingly, you can trek there during the major cultural ceremonies like the Mani Rimdu Festival.

    Even if you are not there during the main cultural celebrations, you can still explore and enjoy the fascinating atmosphere and vibrations of the monasteries.
    Buddhist Monastery in the Everest

    Enjoy Sunrise and Mountains

    An obvious sounding thing to do in Everest is enjoying a beautiful sunrise and the views of mountains. Although watching magical mountains throughout the trek is common during the trek, there are certain great vantage points that blow your mind away. If you are trekking directly to the Everest base camp, the viewpoint at Kalapatthar will offer you an incredible experience of enjoying sunrise and mountains.

    If you trek to Everest base camp via Gokyo Lakes, you can enjoy such views from Gokyo Ri, Cho La, and Kalapatthar.

    Visit Local Schools

    If you want to see how local kids get education up in the mountains, you visit schools that come along the trail. Getting an education at that height in the mountains is certainly a difficult task but the local people there have managed it.

    You can visit a school and see how the children in the mountains get an education. This is also one of the things to do during Everest base camp trek.

    The trekking adventure in the Everest region becomes a lifetime experience when all these experiences mix together with the walk. You will enjoy each and every moment of these activities that you experience during the adventure.

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