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Trekking in Nepal in Autumn Season: The Best Time to Explore the Mountain

It’s already September and the autumn trekking season in Nepal has started. The monsoon is about to settle and the weather is about to clear up. The brighter and clearer days make the trekking adventure a beautiful experience. Autumn season in Nepal is the best time to traverse the trail in the mountains. Cool and clear days bring the best view of the mountains and wonderful surroundings.

Whether you want to go on a high altitude trekking like Everest Base Camp trek or you just want to explore the foothills, this is the best time to go. There are certain factors that make autumn a great time to trek in the mountains of Nepal. For so many different reasons, Nepal receives the highest number of trekkers on this season.

Why Trekking in Nepal in Autumn Season?

End of Rainy Days

From the middle of September, the rainy days in Nepal are almost over. No muddy and slippery trails anymore. The number of trekkers that slowed down because of the rain now slowly starts getter bigger. Right from the beginning of the month, trekkers head to the mountains in Nepal. From the beautiful base camp treks to other adventures, you will find a huge number of people enjoying the trekking adventure. The trails in the mountains get drier as the rain stops and you can enjoy walking through.

Cooling Temperature

With the end of summer and beginning of autumn, the days in Nepal get cooler. The rising heat of summer and the humidity of monsoon get better as autumn progresses. It is a pleasant experience to walk in the mountains during cool days. When the season reaches October and November, Nepal gets the best weather in most of the days.

Nice and Clear Weather

As the monsoon just settles, autumn season weather in Nepal is the clearest of all time. The view of the mountains plays a vital role in making trekking experience incredible. And the season has it all. Mountains appear right in front of you throughout the day as you trek along the meandering trail. This is the best time to enjoy the unhindered view of the Himalayan ranges.

Whichever region you go for trekking during the season, you will get to enjoy unreal views of the snow-capped mountains.

Autumn season is not only for trekking but also good for other types of travel as well. Even if you want to go on a cultural tour, this is the best time. Because of the nice weather and temperature condition, it is a pleasant experience to go around the parts of the country.

Are you ready for an amazing adventure?

Have you not decided yet where to go for your holiday this October or November? If you want some adventure walking on your holiday, you can certainly choose to go on a trekking adventure in Nepal. As we have already mentioned that the autumn season is the best time to go for trekking in Nepal, you will certainly love the experience.

From a short trekking experience like Mardi Himal Trek to a long and more adventurous trek like Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, you will love the adventure. The choice of the difficulty level, duration, and destination of the trek are all up to you. We can also recommend you the perfect option if we know your requirements.

Be it a trekking adventure or a cultural tour; let us know what you want on your adventure. We will suggest a perfect trip for you. This is the best time to explore the best of Nepal and enjoy a lifetime experience. Although we call autumn a trekking season in Nepal, this suits perfectly to all kinds of travelers.

Write to us if you want more insights on beautiful adventures in Nepal.

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