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A Photo Story of the Annapurna Circuit Trek

We always try to bring you interesting stories and facts about adventure traveling in the Himalayas and Nepal. As our blog post today, we have brought you a photo story of the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Our Executive Director, Mr. Prakash Lamsal, himself is leading the group of amazing adventure trekkers from France. We have presented a photo story of the adventure certainly for you to enjoy.

Annapurna Circuit Trek is an amazing and one of the popular trekking adventures in the Himalayas of Nepal. The adventure that goes around the magnificent Annapurna massif brings incredible adventure experience and memories to treasure. It also offers you a beautiful cultural experience. Please enjoy the amazing pictures from the adventure.

Here is a Photo Story of the Annapurna Circuit Trek

Photo Story of the Annapurna Circuit Trek
The Group Prepares to Leave Kathmandu for the Annapurna Circuit Trekking Adventure


Traveling to Besi Sahar
Traveling to Besi Sahar by bus to start the Trek


Annapurna Base Camp Trek
Enjoying Lunch along the way to Besi Sahar


Trekking Adventure
The Beginning of the Trekking Adventure


Trekking Information Board
Checking and Taking a Picture in front of the Trekking information board along the trail


We get to enjoy such a beautiful view of the waterfalls along the Annapurna Circuit Trail

Annapurna Circuit Trail
Beautiful Waterfall at Tal village along the trail


Trekking Tours in Nepal
Enjoying Lunch along the Trail


Landscape Background on the Trek
Beautiful Landscape Background on the Trek


Annapurna Circuit Trek
We also find time for a group picture while enjoying the trek


Trekking Adventure
Beautiful Village Background


The group is having a fun time on the adventure trekking around the Annapurna massif. This photo story of the Annapurna Circuit Trek certainly shows you some glimpses of the wonderful time that the group is having. We will also update the post with more pictures of the trek through the Thorong La pass.

We hope that you enjoyed the photo story. Let us know if you also want to go on the adventure trekking to the Annapurna circuit or any other trekking adventure in Nepal. Adventure Himalaya Circuit Trek offers you the best experience of trekking in the Himalayas.

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Traversing the Apple Pie Trek around the Annapurna Massif

The famous Apple Pie Trek in Nepal takes you around a beautiful and massive mountain range of the Annapurna. Did you know about this famous trekking adventure in Nepal?

The Apple Pie Trek, famous as Annapurna Circuit Trek, is an incredible adventure trekking around the massive Himalayan range. Originally a long trekking adventure of about a month, the trip now has shortened its walking days. After the construction of a road to Manang and flight to Jomsom, the walk around the Annapurna massif has become shorter.

Although the number of walking days has gone down, the charm of the trek is still intact. The trek attracts a significant number of trekkers every year as a popular trekking route in Nepal. There is also an escape from the popular route towards Nar Phu Valley Trek from along the trail. You can combine both the adventures at a go or simply stick to the famous circuit trail.

The trail from the Manaslu Circuit Trek also eventually meets the apple pie trail.

Traversing the Trail through River Valleys and Mountains

To embark on the trek, you will drive to Besi Sahar and further to Bahundanda. Although there is the dirt road to Manang, starting the walk from Bahundanda is more appropriate for a safer adventure.

The trek starts in the amazing Marshyangdi River valley. The lower elevation of the river valley is a perfect introduction with the adventure that takes you higher towards the mountain surroundings. Averaging the walking duration to five hours every day, you trek through several beautiful villages along the trail.

The elevation on the trek increases gradually every day that makes the adventure feel much easier than it sounds. Carefully planned places to stay overnight also help the trek go smoothly. The lower region in the river valley has beautiful natural surroundings whereas the higher elevation has wonderful mountainous surroundings.

It eventually goes as high as 5,416 meters above sea level at Thorong La on the trek. Thorong La stands between two river valleys – Marshyangdi River Valley and Kali Gandaki River Valley. The Apple Pie Trek goes through both amazing valleys in the mountains. If you want the trek to be shorter, you can choose to fly to Pokhara from Jomsom. But if you want to trek longer, you can continue the walk towards Tatopani in Kali Gandaki River valley.

Why Apple Pie?

Despite the circumstances, Annapurna Circuit Trek is still one of the most popular trekking adventures in the world. Thousands of trekkers head for the adventure every year. Since the popularity of the trek is so immense, you can find a good facility for accommodation and foods along the trail.

The delicious apple pie is a sweet dish that people love. You can relish the taste of this amazing dish during the trek. And, the trek is named Apple Pie Trek since everyone who treks in the region loves the adventure. Although it is a high Himalayan trekking adventure, it has everything that you want in the mountains. Easy and well-trodden trail, fairly nice accommodations, and delicious foods of choice make the trail truly an Apple Pie Trail.

The Walking Route

Trekkers normally start the trek from Besi Sahar side and finish in in Jomsom flying to Pokhara. To keep the trek smooth and problem-free, trekking from Besi Sahar side is the better option. It gives you plenty of time to acclimatize as it slowly and gradually gains the elevation towards the pass.

But some people also start the adventure from Nayapul and trek towards Thorong La via Ghorepani and Tatopani. This route will make the adventure longer but certainly worthy to go for. Trekking through this route takes you to Thorong La from Muktinath while the other way around takes you there from Thorong Phedi.
Either way, the trekking route around the Annapurna range makes the shape of a horse’s shoe. Magnificent view of the mountains is what the trail brings to you in addition to the cultural and natural riches.

It is the fact that the Apple Pie Trek has become shorter these days, but the charm is certainly intact like in the previous years. Trekkers can still enjoy the impressive mountain madness and river valley wonders during the trek.

The adventure is the gem of a trek in the Himalayas.

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