Some Facts about Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

An exciting and long trekking adventure trip, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek takes you to the region of the third highest mountain in the world. A remote area trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal, the adventure walking in the Kanchenjunga region explores the cultural and mountain wonders. You will get to walk through the area that offers you an experience of walking the remote mountains. This region has fewer people exploring its wonders but it is totally worth going. There are a few facts about Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek that make it an awesome adventure.

What is Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek like?

If you are an enthusiast of a long walking adventure, you will absolutely love this trek. The walk takes you through beautiful cultural villages in the lower region towards the remote mountain village. As you traverse the trail, you will come across such unbelievably beautiful places that leave you speechless.
From the rice paddy fields to the cardamom plantations, the region boasts an agricultural dominance in the life of people. Walking through lush forest and quaint villages is an experience that will leave a lifelong impression. The view of gigantic Himalayas appears as you gain the elevation on the walk. Walking through the region with a mesmerizing view of the mountains is certainly an incredible experience.

Accommodation Facts about Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

While talking on the facts about Kanchenjunga base camp trek, accommodation is one of the main ones. As the trek goes into the remote mountain, the accommodation facility is just a basic thing. There are only a few teahouses along the route but as the trekkers are also only a few, you will get to stay. Another option is opting for a camping trek where you go for a full camping adventure in the region. Staying in teahouses and homestays during the adventure allows you to mix with local people and see their lifestyle closely. Camping trek may lack this opportunity but it has its own charm that creates a beautiful memory for you.

What to eat on this Adventure?

Food on the trek is pretty simple and basic. Most of the time, you get Dal Bhat to eat along the trek. You will also have some other food options like momo and chowmein but mostly you will have Dal Bhat – the rice and lentil soup. If you are on a camping adventure, however, you can prepare the food as it suits to you but you need to carry everything needed with you.

Major Attractions on the Trek

As a less explored trekking region, Kanchenjunga trek offers an experience that will surpass many adventure trekking experiences in the world. You will get to explore and enjoy from beautiful local villages to the gigantic mountain peaks. The trail also offers you beautiful natural scenic wonders of the surrounding landscapes. In the long trekking days on the adventure, you will explore from local villages to agricultural farm and from mountains to lush nature. As a whole, the adventure is a peaceful walking adventure in the remote mountains.

How difficult is the Trek?

While talking about the difficulty level, this adventure is a moderate trip. Although you will have to go through the challenges of walking into the high elevation and long hours for several days, you will enjoy the challenge it offers. Apart from long walking hours and days, there are no technical difficulties or challenges on the trek.

If you love walking in peaceful natural surroundings for several days, this trip is certainly for you. The wilderness and remoteness of the adventure is the real beauty of the trip. The most important advantage of the trip is the less number of people exploring the region.

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