Six Ways to Enjoy Trekking in Nepal

Ways to enjoy Trekking in Nepal

What adventure are you after these days? Consider Nepal Trekking Adventure and you will be happy that you did. We are giving you great tips and ways to enjoy trekking in Nepal. This post is based on our very own experience of trekking and the advice of our trekking experts. We hope you will get some ideas from the post as novices and as a refresher for the seasoned trekkers.

Trek in Nepal has an unparalleled charm that gives an indescribable joy once you do it. If you know how to enjoy the challenging trekking adventure in the mountains of Nepal, you will surely love the experience.

You are there to walk, not to run

Nepal trek is certainly a challenging adventure. And the best way to enjoy the trek is to walk at an easy pace. If you are clear that you are not in the mountains for a race, you will surely make the most out of the adventure. Do not show off how fast you can run in the mountains, instead love the trail that you traverse and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Be it to Everest base camp or any other trekking adventure, a slow and easy pace is important. The high elevation of the mountains can be hazardous for speed trekkers although it may not always be the case. But, taking an easy walking pace in the mountains certainly is one of the best ways to enjoy trekking.

Loving the wilderness is a way to go

Trekking in Nepal takes you higher in the elevation into the wilderness of mountains. As an adventure trekker, you must have the flair to enjoy the wilderness. You will be in the solitary yet spectacular vicinity of the mountains for several days far from modern amenities. One of the ways to enjoy your trek is to love the mountain wilderness.

The more you get into mountain charm, the better trekker you become in the mountains. High elevation treks like Annapurna Circuit Trek have the amazing wilderness to go through. It is one of the best ways to enjoy trekking in Nepal.

Traverse the trail but focus on the surroundings

Love walking? Yet, pay attention to the surroundings while trekking on the trail. You will be amazed to find beautiful natural surroundings and stunning mountain views. No matter how challenging the trail is, focus on the surroundings, you will enjoy the walking challenge for sure. There are so many wonders awaiting you in the mountainous surroundings. Enjoying the surroundings is one of the best ways to enjoy trekking in Nepal.

Talking to the locals and fellow trekkers fills the adventure with joy

Take the opportunity to have nice chat with locals whenever and wherever possible during the trek. A nice chat with fellow trekkers can also make your trekking experience beautiful. The trails, small settlements that you walk past, and overnight camps will have enough people to chat with to enjoy the trek and make the experience memorable.

Knowing when to take a rest is a must

You have to know when to take the much-needed rest while trekking in the mountains of Nepal. While trekking towards the higher elevation, you will need some rest days to acclimatize. Nepal trekking adventures like Everest Base Camp Trek need enough rest days to acclimatize during the adventure.

Drinking enough water helps a lot

Dehydration is one bad thing that can happen during the trek. So, keeping you hydrated throughout the adventure is an absolute necessity to enjoy the adventure. You have to make sure the fluid level in your body is well maintained during the trek. In addition to drinking water, you can take tea and soup to maintain the bodily fluid.

Do you have any other ways that you have tried to enjoy a trekking adventure? We would love to hear from you.