Short Trek to Everest? Go for Everest Panorama Trek

Short Trek to Everest

When we talk about trekking in Everest, it is not always trekking to the base camp. There are several trekking adventures in the Everest region and you can choose one that suits you. If you are looking for a short trek to Everest, you can go for one but it will not take you to the base camp. Let’s see what the short trip is that takes you to the Everest region where you can explore the magnificence of mountains.

Although you may assume to go for Everest base camp trek when you here trekking in Everest, not all trips lead you there. It is possible to explore the awesomeness of Everest without trekking to the base camp.

Trying to find a Short Trek to Everest? Go for Everest Panorama Trek

To give you some ideas about going on a short trek to Everest, we have picked Everest Panorama Trek. This adventure is a beautiful trekking trip to the Everest region that lets you enjoy nature and the mountains in the region.

It is a perfect adventure if you are looking to enjoy trekking in Everest for a short time. Although the trek doesn’t take you to the base camp of Mt. Everest, you can still enjoy the magnificence of the Everest region.

Where does the trek go?

As a short trek to Everest, the adventure takes you to the region to explore the awesomeness of mountains and nature. Like many other trekking adventures in the region, Everest Panorama Trek also starts at Lukla. It follows the trail to Everest base camp and goes up to Tengboche.

You can explore the beautiful villages of Lukla, Phakding, Monjo, Jorsalle, Namche, Tengboche, etc. When you are at Namche, you can also see that trail that leads you to Gokyo Lakes.

Explore the Sherpa Villages and Tengboche Monastery

While you are on this adventure, you are trekking from one village to the other. And Everest is the region where Sherpa people live. So, as you trek through the region, you will trek past Sherpa villages. You can explore and enjoy the beautiful lifestyle of the famous mountaineering tribe – the Sherpa.

In addition to exploring beautiful villages, you can also visit and explore the Tengboche monastery. It is an iconic monastery that represents the culture and lifestyle of the entire Sherpa community living in the region. Although there are many other monasteries, the Tengboche monastery is the most important one in the region.

Exploring these places will give you a chance to experience a great cultural immersion in the region.

Perfect for Novice Trekkers

Are you a novice trekker and thinking if you can do this trek? You can certainly do this trip as this is the perfect adventure to begin your trekking journey. As a short trekking adventure in the Everest region, this trek takes you on the lower region of the Everest base camp trek. It goes up to the altitude of 3860 meters so it is not an extremely high-altitude trek. This trek is much easier than trekking all the way to the base camp.

You can do this trek even you have never trekked before and still enjoy the spectacular view of the mountains. It perfectly suits your search for a short exploration of the mountains in the Everest region. You complete this trip in only eleven days from arrival to departure.

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