Senior People Tour in Nepal

Senior People Tour in Nepal

Got an idea of what we are going to write about today? You must have figured it out by reading the title. You certainly got it right. We are going to write about what is Senior People Tour like in Nepal. So, we will try to find answers to the questions like – what is it like and what features on the kind of tour.

Travelling is for everyone and it expands one’s horizon of understanding the world. If there is a classroom without the boundary of four walls, it is this world that teaches us things that we cannot learn in the best universities. Be it children or young people or senior people, travel is an equally necessary phenomenon for all. And Nepal is the destination surely for all.

Find out more about what is Senior People Tour is like in Nepal

When we mean senior people, we are referring to people over 50 years. So, we are talking to the people of the age 50 and above but hey, people below 50, we are not ignoring you as well. You can certainly read this too.

Nepal is a country with plenty of activities from trekking adventures to cultural tours and from climbing to other adventure activities. The tour caters mostly to people 50 and above. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot do other activities and younger people cannot do the activities on this tour. This tour is certainly for all. But the leisurely nature of the trip helps senior people explore places in a more relaxed way than doing something in rush.

All the adventures included in the tour are soft cultural adventures. You will not find yourself involving in any hardcore adventure activities. This tour is more of cultural exploration of the beautiful cities and national parks in Nepal.

However, you can certainly do other activities like trekking, climbing, rafting, bungee jumping, etc. But the only intention of the Senior People Tour is to offer people the experience of leisurely exploration of cultural, natural, and spiritual wonders in Nepal. An easy and relaxed-paced nature of the adventure allows you to explore and absorb more of the soft cultural and spiritual adventures.

Activities on the Tour in Nepal

Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing

Kathmandu is the first place that you see in Nepal if you fly into the country. This ancient valley has several wonderful historical, cultural, and spiritual wonders to show you. Some of the historical, cultural, and spiritual sites are on the cultural heritage list. You will certainly get to explore and experience the beauty of those cultural heritage sites in Kathmandu valley. It will be a wonderful way to start a cultural tour in Nepal.

Jungle Safari Activities in Chitwan

You can also indulge in a leisurely exploration of the forest and wildlife in Chitwan where you can expect to see several wild animals. Be it a jeep safari or elephant back safari, the tour takes you deeper into the forest where you have a chance to see wild animals like rhinos, tigers, deer, wild boar, bison, etc. You can also go for a canoe ride in a river where you will see crocodiles. A visit to the elephant breeding center will show you the beautiful giant beasts. A beautiful nature walk and a cultural show are also part of exploring the wild in Chitwan.

Sunrise Tour and Sightseeing in Pokhara

Although you do not walk all the way to the mountains on this tour, you will have a chance to enjoy the magnificence of the Himalayan peaks from Pokhara. You will enjoy a sunrise tour and enjoy the stunning views of mountains and sunrise over those mighty peaks. A boating trip on a lake, a visit to a cave and waterfalls, etc. will keep you busy for the rest of the day.

All the activities that you will indulge in on the Senior People Tour in Nepal are leisurely activities. You will have plenty of time to yourself to explore and enjoy the most from the activities. The expert guidance of your guide will make the trip more enjoyable and insightful.

If you want to go a little more adventurous on the trip, you can certainly modify the trip. We can help you customize the tour and modify it to suit your interest. Let us know how you want to make your senior people tour memorable. We will plan things accordingly so that you can enjoy the experience to the fullest.