Remote Area Trekking in Nar Phu Valley

A Buddhist Chhorten and Mountain Background

An amazing wilderness trek awaits you in the Annapurna region of the Himalayas. The remoteness of the trek is what makes it an adventure worthy to go for. The remote area trekking in Nar Phu Valley is a week of time walking in the wilderness.
Get your adventure bug ready to face the mountain wilderness at its best. You need to compromise with all the modern amenities and be with just what nature has to offer. Believe us you will have an awesome time exploring the timelessness of the two remote valleys of Nar and Phu. Nar Phu Valley Trek is a week of trek off-the-Annapurna-Circuit-Trekking-trail. A completely different walking adventure to other popular trails, this trek is for you if you love to be in the wild.

Trekking in Nar Phu Valley: The Restricted Area needs Special Permit

Although just a week of trek off-the-popular-apple-pie-trail of the Annapurna, trekking in Nar Phu valley requires you to obtain a special permit from the department of immigration in Nepal. You need to go through a trekking agency and use the service of guide and porter since independent trekking is not allowed.
The permit costs USD 90 per person from September to November and USD 75 per person from December to August. In addition to the restricted area special permit to trek in the region, you also need to obtain the Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit.

A Week of wonderful Adventure Journey off the Popular Trail

Once you obtain the special permit, you are ready to set off for the adventure with your guide. You initially enter the luxury of Annapurna Circuit Trekking trail for a couple of days. Later, once you enter the Nar Phu valley, you have to leave all the luxury of wi-fi, mobile network, banana pancake and apple pie on the circuit trail. You are going to have a week of adventure without the luxury of food choice and contact with the outer world.

The timelessness of Culture and Tradition

When you enter the Nar Phu region, you will feel the solitariness of the area. It is certainly unbelievable to find the region, which is connected to popular trekking trail, in such timelessness. The villages cast the aura of untouched culture and lifestyle by the modernity. The thatch-roofed mud and stone buildings in the villages have the legacy of ancient traditions. Not a single household has forgotten the long-carried traditional lifestyle.
You will explore the inspiring lifestyle that the local people live there. Buddhism has a huge influence on the culture and tradition of the region.

Apple Pie Trail and Remote Area Adventure Combined

Since the walking adventure to Nar Phu starts in the Annapurna circuit trail, you can both at one go. After completing a week of walk in the remote valleys, you come back to meet the circuit trail. You can continue the trek along towards Thorong La and complete the circuit. Two adventures combined will offer a great walking experience.
However, you can also do the Nar Phu Valley Trek only if you do not have enough time to combine both.

Accommodation Option for the Adventure

Teahouses have been established along the trail even once you are off from the circuit trail. However, there are only limited numbers of teahouses since the number of trekkers in the region is still low.
In addition to teahouse accommodation, you can also opt for camping accommodation. However, the cost will be different for camping and teahouse trek. This option is for the week of walk in the Nar Phu valley. Annapurna circuit uses teahouses as the accommodation option.

Mode of Transport

The transportation option depends on your choice. You can opt to use a private vehicle to the start point. However, public bus option is also available to Besi Sahar and you can use a jeep for the rest of the part of the section.
While coming out from the mountain, you can finish the trek in Jomsom and fly out to Pokhara or finish the trek in Tatopani and drive to Pokhara. The journey back to Kathmandu from Pokhara will also have the option of flying or driving by tourist bus or private vehicle.
You have all the options to choose the mode of transport from.

Let the wilderness of the mountains amaze you with incredible trekking experience.

Let us know if you want to talk more about the adventure. We will send you information that addresses your questions.