Reasons why People Love Trekking in Manaslu

View of amazing mountains is one of the reasons why people love trekking in Manaslu

Trekking in Manaslu has become an incredible adventure in the Himalaya lately. The increasing interest of trekkers in walking through the wonderful Manaslu area has brought the region into adventure limelight. While other popular trekking regions get a huge number of trekkers, the Manaslu region has also equally attracted many adventurers.  People who have trekked in Manaslu have loved the adventure for so many reasons. Let’s talk about some of the reasons why people love trekking in Manaslu.

The beautiful mountain region of the 8th highest mountain in the world has recently been a name in adventure trekking in Nepal. Here are some reasons why more people are heading to Manaslu for trekking every year.

Trekking in Peaceful Region

Although all the mountain regions have a peaceful atmosphere, the peace in Manaslu is incredibly fascinating. Unlike in the popular trekking areas, Manalsu region gets fewer trekkers traversing the trail. Since the region is still attracting the interest of trekkers, you will be able to trek through the region with fewer people.

The fewer people keep the trail incredibly peaceful and you will get the time to enjoy the wonders at peace.

Wonderful River Valley in the Lower Region

When you start the trek, you are in the beautiful Budhi Gandaki River valley. As long as you are in the lower elevation, you will get to explore and enjoy the wonders of the river valley. The peaceful trail that meanders through the valley takes you past several beautiful places along the route. The Budhi Gandaki River that originates in the Manaslu forms a beautiful course down the valley. And trekking along the valley is certainly an amazing experience of the adventure.

Amazing Mountain Surroundings at the Higher Region

As you enter the high mountain elevation, the mountains will start appearing right in front of you. Once you are Sama Gaun and above, you can enjoy the close-up views of amazing mountains in the region. While it is a wonderful experience of trekking even when you do not see the mountain, but trekking along with the view of mountains has a different charm.

Getting a chance to enjoy an unhindered view of the mountains in a peaceful atmosphere and surroundings is certainly an experience.

Beautiful Timeless Culture and Traditions

The entire region of Manalsu boasts an amazing mix of cultural traditions of different ethnic groups. While the lower region has a diverse culture of mixed nature, the higher mountains basically have the Gurung community. It is the diversity and timelessness of cultural riches in the region that give you a wonderful cultural experience.
In addition to the cultural traditions of the communities living in the region, you will also get to see the simplicity of their lifestyle. It is certainly a beautiful cultural experience.

Adventurous Hiking Trip and Trekking over a Pass

When you reach Sama Gaun on the Manaslu Circuit Trek, you need to stop an extra night there for acclimatization. One extra day at Sama Gaun is also a great opportunity to explore its surroundings. You can go for a beautiful and adventurous day hiking trip to Birendra Lake in the region. The hike brings you an incredible experience to make the trek even more beautiful.

In addition to the day hiking trip, you will also need to trek over a high mountain pass. The trek over Larke La at the elevation of 5,220 meters above sea level is the highlight of the adventure. You will have amazing views of the breathtaking surroundings of the mountains from the pass.

We have given you some major highlights of the trekking adventure around Manaslu region here on this post. But the actual adventure is much better than what we have brought to you here since you will experience it to yourself. It’s certainly an amazing adventure that’s going to the next popular trekking adventure in the Himalaya.
The Manaslu Trekking Adventure so far is a restricted region trek and you need to obtain a special permit to go trekking in the region.

We can help you obtain the permit and organize a trekking adventure in the region. Just let us know if you want to go on the trip. We would love to talk to you more about your adventure travel plan and organize an ideal adventure only for you.