5 Incredible Places to visit in Kathmandu other than the Heritage Sites

Places to visit in Kathmandu

Kathmandu valley in Nepal hosts several incredible places to visit that bear age hold history and timeless cultures. While you are in Nepal, Kathmandu will welcome you first if you come in via air. You surely cannot miss these wonderful places to visit in Kathmandu. The places that we are talking about here are other than the famous heritage sites.
As a traveler, you will find an abundance of cultural and spiritual stuff to immerse in while going around the valley. These places portray a real image of Kathmandu and the lifestyle and culture here. With fewer tourists visiting these places, you will find the authentic taste of local culture and lifestyle still intact.

Here are 5 incredible places to visit in Kathmandu other than the heritage sites.

Alleys of Ason and Indra Chowk

The area of Ason and Indra Chowk offers an authentic local Kathmandu experience. As you wander around the alleys and streets of this old Kathmandu part, you will come across overwhelming activities that local people indulge in every day. From the spice market to the colorful beads market, you will find a fascinating flow of locals. Although the heritage sites in Kathmandu valley offer a great sightseeing experience, places like Ason and Indra Chowk offer more authentic experiences.

This place is near Thamel, the tourist hub in Kathmandu, and is also within walking distance. Mere 10 minutes of walk from Thamel will take you to this amazing part of Kathmandu. This tour is a different experience than a heritage tour.

Bungmati and Khokana

Two incredible places to visit in Kathmandu, these two age-old Newari settlements give you a wonderful experience of cultural exploration. If you look for a peaceful cultural indulgence, these two adjoining Newari towns are the ideal ones. While visiting these towns, you will also learn about their traditional occupation – wood carving and oil extracting. These two traditional skills of people come in addition to their farming occupation. Although youngsters have been involved in many other professions, you will still find these places carrying the traditional jobs with pride. You will also explore the uniquely amazing lifestyle of the locals.


Pharping lies in the south of Kathmandu which takes about an hour of drive to reach. A beautiful village with several spiritual sites, Pharping casts a peaceful ambiance of nature and spirituality. Although only a fewer tourists visit the place, they enjoy and love their time there. In addition to the peaceful nature, you will find many Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries here.

You will also find an ancient cave that Guru Padmasambhava had used as his meditation cave. A beautiful story goes about him and Tibetan Buddhism. This is a perfect place to spend peaceful time in nature and spiritual vibrations.

Jamacho Hill

Don’t mind hiking to spend a wonderful day? Then, Jamacho hill is your ideal destination where you can spend time in lush nature with a view. This is another of the beautiful places to visit in Kathmandu. Although this place requires you to walk, we can assure you that you will have an awesome time. It is a proper hiking trip for the day and is also the nearest hiking destination from Kathmandu.

The walk will take you inside Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park and will require you to walk about 5 hours round trip. A lush forest walks all the way through, the top brings a spectacular view of Kathmandu valley and mountains. This is a trip that you can take to enjoy the luxury of nature while you sweat a bit.

Kopan Monastery

You probably have heard about this place. Of all the places we have listed here, Kopan Monastery is surely the most talked-about place. This wonderful Buddhist monastery is famous for its serene atmosphere for meditation. The hill, where the monastery stands atop, brings a beautiful view of Kathmandu valley and the mountains. The surroundings of the monastery offer a peaceful ambiance to boost your meditative mood. Although many people go to the monastery for residential mediation courses, a day tour of this place is also worth taking.

The places on the list are surely for you to explore the authentic cultural, spiritual, and lifestyle experience in Kathmandu valley. The listing doesn’t indicate any popularity ranking. Each place listed here has its uniqueness and gives you an authentic experience.

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