Some Interesting Peak Climbing Facts in Nepal

Peak Climbing Facts

The beautiful mountains in the Himalayas in Nepal are the destination of climbing enthusiasts from around the world. Nepal has mountains that offer amazing climbing adventures to novice and seasoned climbers equally. From 6000-meter mountains to 8000-meter mountains, Nepali Himalaya is the home to magnificent mountain peaks. Here, in this article, we are going to talk about some interesting peak climbing facts in the Nepali Himalayas.

Climbing mountains in Nepal have two different categories – first, climbing 6000-meter mountains, which are basically popular as trekking peaks, and second, climbing mountains which are 7000-meter and above as expedition peaks. In an even more common language, people call it Peak Climbing and Mountain Climbing although you climb mountains in both activities.

Some Interesting Peak Climbing Facts in Nepal

When we are talking about the facts of peak climbing, we are talking about climbing activity in general irrespective of the size of the mountains. Let’s have a look at those facts.

It involves Trekking

When we say peak climbing, it is not only about climbing the mountains but also about trekking through beautiful trails. Before reaching the base camp of the mountain to climb, you will need to walk for several days in the mountains. Whether you go for Island Peak Climbing in the Everest region or Pisang Peak Climbing in the Annapurna region, you need to trek.

Trekking is an essential part of climbing adventure as it helps you to adjust and acclimatize to the increasing altitudes of the mountains. Going straight to the higher altitudes of mountains can cause serious health problems.

You need to walk through the mountains and take time to absorb the beauty of the surroundings as the body adjusts to the elevation. As you trek in the mountains, the weather changes as the elevation increases. And it is essential to get our bodies used to the new and constantly changing climate.

Some Mountains are called Trekking Peaks

You will not believe to know one of the peak climbing facts that there are some beautiful mountains that are commonly popular as trekking peaks. Although you go for climbing adventures in those mountains, the peaks are called trekking peaks. The trekking peaks are basically the mountains that are 6000-meter high.

Climbing these mountains is technically easier compared to higher mountains. These trekking peaks are ideal destinations to begin your climbing journey. It involves only a day of effort to reach the summit from the base camp and return back. Most of the part of these adventures involves trekking.

Trekking peaks are just a few days of extension of the trekking adventures. If you are a beginner at climbing adventure, you can begin with these peaks while seasoned climbers can climb these peaks as an acclimatization trip before a bigger expedition.

Multi-day Climbing Adventure of Expedition Mountains

The most incredible and gigantic mountains in the Himalayas offer incredible expedition experiences. The 8000-meter mountains are the most impressive expedition mountains which require you to spend multiple days in the mountains to acclimatize and climb the mountains.

These mountains are technically tough mountains to climb and need previous climbing experience. The climbing adventures like Everest Expedition, Manalsu Expedition, etc. are the expedition mountains.

One of the Main Mountain Adventure Activities in Nepal

One of the most interesting peak climbing facts is that mountain climbing is certainly the main activity in Nepal. Although the trekkers outnumber the climbers in the Himalayas, climbing still remains a major adventure activity.

Peak climbing and mountain climbing collectively attract a huge number of adventure enthusiasts every year to the Himalayas in Nepal.

While climbing is a major adventure activity, it is an equally challenging thing to indulge too. From organizing to execution, every step requires the careful execution of plans to make the adventure a success. We, at Adventure Himalaya Circuit, organize peak climbing adventures and offer you a safe and wonderful climbing experience.

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