Peak Climbing in Everest Region

Peak Climbing in Everest Region

Although the Everest region is popular for amazing trekking adventures, the region also offers wonderful peak climbing packages. Peak climbing in the Everest region is one of the most adventurous activities that you can enjoy in Nepal.
If you want to go a little beyond trekking, peak climbing in Nepal is the perfect option. You can climb many beautiful mountain peaks in the Himalayan range. We are going to talk about a few peak climbing adventures in the Everest region.

Peak Climbing in Everest Region: The Adventure for Climbers to begin their Himalayan Climbing Journey

Beautiful mountain peaks towering above 6000 meters from sea level are the destination peaks of climbing adventure in Nepal. These climbing peaks are also famous as trekking peaks since you do not need high technical skills to climb. Let’s take a look at those peak climbing adventures.

Island Peak Climbing

Of the beautiful peaks in the Everest region, Island Peak is a mountain amidst the vast ocean of mountains. Island Peak Climbing adventure takes you to the top of the 6,189-meter high mountain. The climbing of the Island peak is combined with Everest Base Camp Trek before heading to the summit of the mountain.

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    This adventure is one of the most popular climbing adventures in the Everest region. As this is an easy peak to climb, for what a climbing adventure is like, it is suitable for you even if you are a novice climber. If you enjoy trekking and want to take your adventure a bit beyond climbing, this is the peak to start with. You can reach the summit in a day from the base camp and return back.

    Mera Peak Climbing

    Another popular climbing peak in the Everest region is Mera Peak. Mera Peak Climbing adventure takes you to climb the 6,476-meter mountain. This mountain offers an adventurous climbing experience in a short period of time.

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      It is a combination of trekking exploration and climbing adventure. You will trek in the region that most of the trekkers in the Everest region do not get to explore. The trek takes you to a remote wilderness trek to Hingku valley and eventually to the Mera Peak.

      Lobuche Peak Climbing

      Lobuche Peak Climbing is another wonderful adventure that you can enjoy in the Everest region. This peak is the closest one to Mt.Everest and offers a beautiful climbing experience. Climbers go for this peak climbing adventure after trekking to the Everest Base Camp.
      It is a great peak climbing trip to go for if you are a climber beginning the climbing journey.

      Peak climbing adventures are a part of adventure tourism in Nepal, which offers an incredible Himalayan experience.

      Our climbing team at Adventure Himalaya Circuit offers a safe and beautiful climbing adventure experience. Let us know if you want to learn more about climbing in Nepal.