Paragliding in Nepal

Nepal is truly the heaven for adventure lovers. There are so many things to do that you will never have time to get bored. Although trekking in Nepal has long been magnetically attracting thousands of visitors each year, Nepal is recently being popular as the favorite spot for trying extreme sports like paragliding, rafting, bungee jumping, ultra flight and rock climbing.

Paragliding in Nepal is currently the most popular attractions in Nepal where the people flying a para glider enjoys the unmatched scenic grandeur of the beautiful lake city of Pokhara along with its several lakes, snow- clad mountains, monasteries, verdant woods, temples and other several natural marvels.

Brief paragliding instruction is given to you prior to taking the flight. Paragliding helmet and paragliding boots add safety to your flight and thus are enlisted as the essential gears for paragliding.

Pokhara is the core area for paragliding in Nepal which takes us through the journey of the wonderland of Annapurna Region. Taking off from the Sarankot hill at Pokhara, the person flying the para glider enjoys the scenic views of exotic Fewa and other lakes and Machhapuchhre mountain before landing nearby Phewa Lake. Sarankot Hill itself is the hill station which is popular for the pleasant sunrise and sunset view. To add feather to the cap, we can also enjoy the scenic views of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu Massifs and the beautiful Pokhara Valley from Sarankot Hill.

Weather plays huge role in Paragliding sport. November to February is the paragliding flying season in Nepal while November and December are the best months for paragliding in Nepal. Since no previous experience is required for paragliding, anybody with passion for adventure can enjoy the flight.

Pokhara is known as the city of Lakes and it is the perfect location for joining in this thrilling sport of paragliding. In fact, Pokhara is enlisted in the Top 5 commercial tandem paragliding locations in the world. Different packages are available for paragliding. Some of the popular services include tandem flight, Cloud Buster, acrobatic flying, cross country flight and Annapurna panorama flights.

So, if you think you had enough of tour in Nepal and you want some out of the box kind of thrill, you can always go for paragliding in Nepal. Paragliding is practically the safe sport as the harnesses will be attached to both the pilot and the passenger and also to the wing.