Top 5 Non-trekking Activities to do in Nepal

Non-trekking activities in Nepal includes cultural sightseeing tour as well

We have written a lot about trekking adventures in Nepal. But it is not only about trekking but also for many other activities that people come to this beautiful country. There are many different non-trekking activities to do in Nepal. Did you know about those activities? This post will give you an idea about the activities other than trekking that you can do in Nepal.

From cultural tours to Jungle safari activities and from homestay experience to a yoga retreat, you can do a lot of different activities. If you had thought that Nepal is only for trekking, you will change the perspective after reading this post.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 non-trekking activities to do in Nepal.

Apart from trekking, Nepal offers you other incredible activities. Here are the top 5 of them.


Cultural Tour in Kathmandu

Kathmandu valley is the home to ancient cultures, spirituality, and beautiful lifestyle. You can spend an amazing time exploring the cultural heritage sites, beautiful Newari towns, and spiritual sites. The tour in Kathmandu will offer you a unique and beautiful cultural tour experience.

This is certainly one of the most beautiful non-trekking activities to do in Nepal. You can plan a week’s tour in Kathmandu valley and explore the wonders from ancient to the modern times. In addition to the multi-day tour, you can also take a beautiful cultural heritage day tour in Kathmandu. This tour will be a wonderful way to know Kathmandu better.


Swoyambhunath Stupa in Kathmandu

Multi-day Tour around Nepal

Another amazing non-trekking activity is the sightseeing tour around different places in Nepal.  While you go on this tour, you will get to explore and experience the diversity of the country. The diversity in culture, geography, and lifestyle in different places is simply beautiful to explore. You can explore beautiful cities like Kathmandu, Chitwan, Lumbini, Pokhara, and Bandipur. It is an incredible tour that offers a beautiful sightseeing experience.

This tour mixes multiple activities like cultural heritage tour, spiritual tour, village tour, jungle safari tour, and the view of the Himalaya with a sunrise tour.


Jungle Safari Tour

Two national parks in Nepal offer an incredible jungle safari tour. Chitwan and Bardiya national parks are the places to go for the wildlife experience. You can include this tour as a part of your bigger tour plan. These national parks are home to the one-horned rhinoceros, leopard, Bengal tiger, elephant, crocodile, deer, bison, wild boar, etc.

Taking a jungle safari tour is an incredible chance to witness these beautiful wild animals. You can also experience the cultural lifestyle of a beautiful community called Tharu during the jungle safari tour in Nepal.


One-horned rhino during jungle safari tour in Nepal

Yoga Retreat and Wellness Tour

The beautiful mountains and nature in Nepal are as rejuvenating as anything can be. Nepal is also the land of yoga in addition to the beautiful mountains. You can come for an enlivening yoga retreat experience. Staying closer to nature with a beautiful view and practicing yoga under the guidance of yoga teacher is a reenergizing experience.

You can also come for a meditation retreat in different Buddhist monasteries and meditation centers. Either yoga or a meditation retreat, the experience will recharge you with new energy. You will have a perfectly peaceful time to reflect on your life and reinvigorate.


Homestay Experience

Another of the beautiful non-trekking activities in Nepal is staying with a local host family. While staying at a hotel may give you more comfort, staying with a local host family gives you a lovely experience of the local lifestyle. There are beautiful homestay facilities in different rural areas where you can stay with the family.

This experience brings you closer to the life of local people and you will have a better understanding of their lifestyle. It is also a great way of cultural immersion.


There are also several non-trekking activities to do in Nepal in addition to the ones mentioned here on this post. However, we have chosen these activities for our top-five list. These activities are great ways to learn and understand the Nepalese lifestyle better. Now you know that Nepal is not only for trekking but also for many other activities, you can decide what to do. If you are planning a trip to Nepal sooner or later in the future, we hope this post will be of some help.

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