Nepal Travel Visa

Nepal Travel Visa is very important for the visiting tourists who come here for multiple of purposes including trekking and peak climbing in Nepal. Being a beautiful country of South Asia, Nepal attracts large number of tourists annually as they come here to behold the great natural beauty of the country and also indulge themselves in Trekking in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is one of the major and most followed activities in Nepal amongst the visiting tourists as it provides them the chance to trek along some of the popular trails in Nepal. But all of the foreigners who come here in the country need to have a valid Nepal Travel Visa so that they can travel around the country freely. Most of the Visa for Nepal travel is issued in the respective country by the respective embassy and hence the tourists will not have to worry about the Visa status while in Nepal. However, if the visiting tourists want to extend their stay in Nepal they will have to extend their Visa accordingly which can be done through Nepal government’s immigration office.

There are plenty of activities which the foreign and visiting tourists can do during their Tour in Nepal. Tour in Nepal comprises of several activities like trekking, peak climbing, and adventure activities like paragliding, Bunjee jumping, mountain biking, white water river rafting, among other activities. Peak Climbing in Nepal is another majorly followed activity amongst the tourists as they want to experience the adventure of climbing mountain peaks in Nepal including the world’s tallest peak, Mount Everest. Similarly, Paragliding in Nepal is another major adventure activity in the city of Pokhara where the tourists and adventure seekers can fly in the sky amidst the hills like birds and then enjoy the panoramic view of the Pokhara Valley and the adjoining locality. These activities have been very helpful in drawing a large number of tourists here in the country. As it is almost impossible to explore whole Nepal in a single and small visit, many tourists who come here with limited time extend their Nepal Travel Visa while some other come well prepared for couple of months as they want to go for mountain expedition. Hence, having a valid Nepal Travel Visa is of paramount importance when it comes to Nepal visit.