Nepal Tourism Guide

Tourism market of Nepal is getting wider day by day.

Nepal is the small landlocked sovereign state, lies between the two-gaint country China to the south and India to the north, west and east. Its total landmass is 147,181 sq km . Nepal is a developing country with rich in natural as well as in cultural diversity. The country Nepal is called as the roof of the world because of the presence of Himalayan backdrops and ancient culture. It is the home of   more than 200 peaks, which are above 6000m including the world’s highest Mount Everest (8848m). Not only that it also includes 8 out of 14 highest peak of the world, is also land of Lord Buddha. Geographically Nepal is divided into three tropical region, they are hilly, mountain and terai. With the difference in landscape, the varieties of animals and plants, flora and fauna are found. Nepal is one of the few places on earth where one can observe both the Bengal tiger and the one-horned rhinoceros. More than 100s of ethnic groups are lived in social harmony and they have their own language, customs and lifestyles. More than 80% of the people follow Hindu religion and rest of the people follow Buddhist, Islam, Christianity similarly. People of Nepal are very helpful, loyal and they always greet others by saying Namastee( putting the palms together and bowing the forehead).

Tourism in Nepal

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Due to the presence of amazing and magnificent natural beauties, many people from all over the world are in increasing in number each year. That is why the tourist is forced to visit again and again to see the real paradise of the world. Nepal offers the many travelling services such as trekking rafting paragliding bungee jumping and many more. Among them trekking in Nepal is very popular as it welcomes the world’s top trekking trails. Trekking offers the eye chanting views of high Himalayas to the small peaks and get the opportunity to observe the local people their cultural and tradition. Everest trekking, Annapurna trekking, langtang trekking etc are the famous trekking routes.

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