Is Nepal a Destination for Solo Travellers?

Nepal for solo travellers is an amazing destination

The beauty of the mountains and culture in Nepal is appealing to anyone who loves travelling. Whether you are a group traveller or a solo traveller, Nepal offers you an incredible travelling experience. If you love travelling solo, you can choose Nepal as your solo travelling destination. You can find a perfect atmosphere in Nepal for solo travellers.

Whether you want to go trekking or on a cultural sightseeing tour, Nepal for solo travellers offers you a memorable experience. We have focused this post today about the solo travelling experience in Nepal. This post will share some ideas on Nepal for solo travellers and the experience you will get during the adventure.

Is Nepal suitable for Solo Travellers?

Whether you are a male or a female solo traveller, Nepal is certainly one of the safest places on earth to travel solo. Nepalese society has a strong belief foundation that the guests are their god. So, you will get respect everywhere you travel to Nepal. Although society is pretty much traditional and conservative, it is also equally open and liberal to all faiths.

The Nepalese people, by nature, are welcoming and friendly. You can easily make friends with anyone you want. Be it in the mountains or in the city, you will frequently hear people greeting you a friendly ‘Namaste’. People here are one of the friendliest and the loveliest people on earth. So, you will find the atmosphere in Nepal for solo travellers to be perfect.

Can I trek Solo in the mountains?

The popular trekking regions like Everest Base Camp Trek or Annapurna Base Camp Trek are well-trodden. You will meet hundreds of trekkers every day while trekking in the region. So, you can certainly trek solo in these regions. However, there are certain restricted areas in the mountains where you will need to be in a group with a mandatory company of a guide.

Although you can traverse the trails in the mountains on your own, we strongly recommend you to have a guide. Having a guide who knows the area well is an advantage. Because a guide in the mountains is not only the person to show you the trail but to ensure that everything in the mountains goes smoothly for you. S/he ensures that you have an amazing experience of trekking in the mountains and at times gives you interesting information about the region.

We have also done a post on how to hire a trekking guide in Nepal.

Similarly, you can also explore different cities and towns in Nepal as a solo traveller. If you figure out how to get around and what to explore, it is not a difficult thing to go around Nepal. But again, having a guide with you to show around definitely serves you a better experience.

Nepal for Solo Travellers: Pros and Cons

While it is perfectly safe and fine for solo travellers to go around Nepal, there are certainly some good and bad sides to it. Like every other style of travel, travelling solo in Nepal also brings a mixed bag of experience. You can certainly feel comfortable to travel on your own in the mountains and in the cities in Nepal.

You will have your time with you and you can do what you like to do at your time convenience. Travelling solo will certainly bring more freedom to you like everywhere else. If you have plenty of time to explore around, you can certainly go around on your own. But you will miss some amazing sides of Nepal when you are on a short visit and want to travel solo.

We are nowhere in the intention of discouraging you to travel solo, but having a professional guide will keep you at a more comfortable situation. Having a guide may add to your expenses, but with a professional guide, the experience is certainly worth paying. Opting for a guide and other services from a recognized company like Adventure Himalaya Circuit Treks and Tours while you are on a short holiday is the best option. You will have the wonderful memory and experience with an organized tour even if you are on your own.


Let us know if you want a beautiful Nepal travelling experience. We will create the perfect itinerary to suit your requirement and offer you an unforgettable experience.

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