Mardi Himal Trekking Facts: Things to know before you go on the adventure

Amazing views of the mountains is definitely one of the Mardi Himal Trekking facts

We have already written about why Mardi Himal is the new best trekking destination. The growing popularity of Mardi Himal Trek certainly shows that more people will trek there. Foreigner and Nepalese trekkers equally traverse the trail through this beautiful region in the Annapurna. After reading about the package, you may also want to make a plan to go on the adventure. Some of these important Mardi Himal Trekking facts will help you set your expectation and prepare for the adventure.

Here are some helpful Mardi Himal trekking facts.

These facts about the trip will be immensely helpful in your preparation for the trip. After knowing about the facts you can set your expectation right. Let’s have a look at the facts about the adventure.

Trekking Region

The trek is in the Annapurna region of the Himalayas in Nepal. The famous Annapurna trekking region has a beautiful peak called Mardi Himal that stands 5,587 meters above sea level. And this trekking adventure takes you to the base camp of this beautiful mountain to be at the elevation of 4,500 meters above sea level.

Trekking Days

This adventure is basically a 5 days walk from Pokhara to Pokhara. However, there is always an option of extending the walking days. But, ideally, you can trek all the way to the base camp and return back to Pokhara in just 5 days.
Pretty impressive, right?

Trail Difficulty

While you are on the walking adventure to the Mardi Himal Base Camp, you traverse the trail through nature. Most of the trail section goes through a lush forest in the lower elevation and through grassy slopes and pastures in the high elevation. It is one of the most beautiful nature walking experiences ever.
The trail difficulty is moderate. Except for the final hiking day to the base camp, rest of the trail part feels easy. However, a good level of fitness is certainly required. Even the easy treks in Nepal may feel difficult for people if you do not set your expectation right. Trekking in Nepal is about traversing the trail up and down the mountains.

Accommodation along the Trail

Mardi Himal Trek is a teahouse trekking adventure. There are designated overnight camps along the trail where a few teahouses have been established. Teahouses are simple accommodation facilities in the mountains. Although there are teahouses along the trail, you can also do the trek as a camping adventure. There are only limited numbers of teahouses along the trail.

Food during the Trek

Like many other trekking adventures in Nepal, food on the trail to Mardi Himal has a limited choice. Although you can find some options to choose your food for the meal, you will find the menu short and very similar everywhere. This is a pretty basic similarity everywhere in the mountains of Nepal.
Choose from Dal Bhat, momo, noodles, bread, etc. to supply you with energy to trek through the mountains.

Views of the Surroundings

If you choose to go on this trek, you are choosing one of the best short treks in Nepal for the view of the Himalayan surroundings. When you are heading towards the base camp, the trail passes mostly through the forest providing you amazing natural surroundings. And the panoramic view of the Annapurna range from the High camp and the Mardi Himal Base camp is simply unparalleled.
You will find yourself in awe when you reach the Mardi ridge. The gigantic peaks in the Annapurna stand right in front leaving you speechless. You will also find the view of the river valley that leads to Annapurna Base Camp below the ridge overwhelming.

We hope these Mardi Himal Trekking facts will help you in planning your adventure. You will know what to expect during the trip. But, a thing for sure, you will enjoy the adventure and get an experience that leaves you with an everlasting memory.