Mardi Himal is the New Best Trekking Destination

View of Mt. Fishtail during while trekking to Mardi Himal - the new best trekking destination

If you are looking for a short Himalayan trekking adventure, here is a perfect option for you. You will know why Mardi Himal is the new best trekking destination. This trek may not be that famous yet, but it is surely growing in its popularity. But what we can assure you for sure is that you will certainly find Mardi Himal Trek to be the best short trek of all.
Mardi Himal in the Annapurna region adorns an incredibly peaceful natural atmosphere in addition to breathtaking views of the mountains. The actual trek is only 5 days but it certainly offers you one of the best trekking experiences of all time.

Did you know why Mardi Himal is the new best trekking destination?

As we are advocating this adventure to be the new best destination to go for a walking adventure, many people will agree with us. Once go on the trip, you cannot also agree more. So, let’s explore what’s so special about this trip that makes it an awesome adventure.

Short and moderate difficulty level

Although the adventure goes all the way up to 4,500 meters above sea level, it doesn’t feel a difficult trek to do. Most of the trail part consists of beautiful forest and gentle trail up. Except for the early morning hike to Mardi Himal Base Camp, the whole walk is an easy one. The presence of beautiful lush forest along the trail makes the walk feel even more pleasant. The only day when the trek feels challenging is on the day when we hike to the base camp.
A walking activity for about 5 hours every day, on average, for 5 days is not a big challenge. But you certainly need a good level of fitness to do it. It’s a moderate trek that offers an extremely pleasant experience of walking in the mountains.

Astounding views of the mountains

One of the prime reasons that make Mardi Himal the new best trekking destination is certainly the views of the mountains. You will not believe that you are standing in front of such a view. The day when you reach the High Camp and, also, on the hiking day to the base camp, you will get to enjoy an overwhelming panorama of the Annapurna. It is simply a jaw-dropping view that leaves you in awe.
You cannot admire more the views that you come across on the trip. It’s simply unbelievable.

Pristine nature at the best of what it possibly can be

Right from the day one of the trek till the end, you will be surrounded by beautiful lush forest. It gives you the chance to enjoy the charm of nature as we traverse the trail. A lavish presence of nature is the beauty of this adventure. You will, probably, experience the best nature walking experience ever in your life. It is certainly a healing feel to be in nature and you have the chance throughout the walk while on this adventure.

Unbelievably easy elevation gain

To reach the elevation of 4,500 meters above sea level sounds like a difficult task to do. But believe us, you will not even feel that you have gone that high in such a short period of time. You will feel the elevation gain only because of the change in vegetation. The walk goes in such pace and trail that leaves no time for you to feel the elevation gain. You realize it when you go to the Mardi Himal base camp to see the Annapurna Base Camp much below in the valley.

As a new and growing trekking area, you will be able to enjoy the adventure in a peaceful atmosphere. The adventure is a perfect alternative to escape the crowd of popular Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek. You will surely recommend the trip to anyone once you go on this adventure.

Let us know if you want to know more or join us on the adventure.