Mardi Base Camp Trek: The Shortest Base Camp Trek in Nepal

Mardi Base Camp Trek goes just next to this beautiful Mt. Fishtail

Are you looking for a short trekking adventure that takes you to a mountain base camp? But you may also be thinking that the time you have is not enough to reach the base camp of any mountain in Nepal. If that is the case, you are wrong. You have not heard about the Mardi Base Camp Trek then.

The trek, also popular as Mardi Himal Trek, is just a five day trip from Pokhara, Nepal. You will reach the base camp of Mardi Himal at the elevation of 4,500 meters and return back to Pokhara in five days. In just four days of time, you reach the base camp of magnificent Mardi Himal just below the Mt. Fishtail.

We have already shared information about the Mardi Himal trekking facts that will help you plan for the adventure.

Mardi Base Camp Trek: The Shortest of all the Base Camp Treks in Nepal

Isn’t it amazing to know that you can complete a high mountain base camp trek in just 5 days’ time? Yes, it is certainly a possible trip to complete in just five days. If you do not count your days in the cities, you spend only five days in the mountains.
One of the wonderful things about this base camp trek is the elevation gain. It is so amazing to learn about the altitude increase without even realizing it. The gradual increment of the meters from sea level each step further goes unrealized until we really reach the base camp.
It is also the beauty of nature and views of mountains that allows you to ignore the inevitable elevation gain during the trip. You will get so immersed in soaking the beauty of nature that the elevation part on the trip becomes secondary. The gradual trail also helps you unrealized the altitude.

Overnight Stops in the Mountains

You spend a total of four nights in the mountains to trek for five days. Once you leave Pokhara, you will leave for the mountains for the next four nights. Here is the list of places where you will normally spend your overnights. However, an extension of the trip and change in the overnight places is solely on the individual preference.
Here is the itinerary that we follow for the short 5 days Mardi Base Camp Trek from Pokhara.

Day 01: Pokhara – Pitam Deurali (2,100m)
Day 02: Forest Camp (2,600m) 
Day 03: High Camp (3,550m)
Day 4: Low Camp (2,970m) after trekking to the Base Camp (4,500m)
Day 05: Pokhara (900m)

This itinerary is what we follow to complete the trek in 5 days from Pokhara. But, as mentioned earlier, you can choose to extend the trip duration or change to the overnight option where possible.

Although the trek reaches the base camp, you cannot stay overnight there since there are no teahouses. The highest elevation you sleep at is at 3,550 meters above sea level at the High Camp.

Our regular trek package to Mardi Himal starts and finishes in Kathmandu. But if you think you can arrange your accommodation in Kathmandu and Pokhara and transportation in between, you can always choose to do the trek only from Pokhara. We can always offer you the service in the trekking from Pokhara. But we are certainly there if you need any help in arranging the logistics in Kathmandu and Pokhara and in between.

Let us know if you want to know more about the trip or any help in organizing the one for you.