Manaslu Trek is Safe after Earthquake

The massive earthquake of April 15, 2015 shook entire Nepal. We have been often asked about Manaslu trekking after earthquake. We are delighted to say that Manaslu Trek is safe after earthquake and we are all ready to trek to Manaslu on this season.

Like most of the other regions, Manaslu could not remain untouched. Many trekking routes were destroyed and thus most of the teahouses were destroyed. But lots of water has flown in the river since earthquake. It has been more than nine months since the earthquake. Although the rebuilding work is still going on, lots of improvement has been made in renovating Manaslu, all thanks to many helping hands that the locals received in the humanitarian cause. There have been few changes in Manaslu trekking itinerary after earthquake.

Experts from Adventure Himalaya Circuit Treks & Tours did some field research by visiting Manaslu region as we take safety of our guests very seriously. While visiting Manaslu region after massive earthquake to find answer to the question-‘ Is Manaslu trek possible after earthquake?’, our experts were encouraged to find that trekking in Manaslu is still operational. There were some blockade of the route due to landslide, but our experts found alternate routes for the section that was blocked. You can find many locals in these alternative routes which provide more opportunity to understand the local culture and lifestyle better.

So, if you are wondering about condition of teahouse in Manaslu after earthquake, most of the teahouses have been rebuilt and you can find these lodges throughout Manaslu trekking route. Thus, you can still choose camp trek as well as teahouse trek in Manaslu.


Homestay is still available in Jagat. Many alternative routes have been discovered for places that are obstructed by landslide and rock falling. So, Adventure Himalaya Circuit Treks & Tours invite our guests to participate in Manaslu Trek 2016. Not only will you experience adventure of your lifetime in the serene land of Manaslu but you will also be contributing in improving the local life.

We would like to assure you of your safety. Our experienced guides are not only trained in emergency treatment, but they are the locals who have born and spent their childhood in Manaslu. So, they are well familiar with all nooks and crannies in Manaslu.

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