Manaslu Trek Cost, Itinerary and Other Details

Manaslu Trek Cost

This week, we have been writing a series of blogs to give you information about the Manaslu trek. As a beautiful trekking adventure in the region of the 8th highest mountain on earth, the Manaslu region offers an unbeatable trekking experience. Here, in this blog, we will talk about the Manaslu Trek cost, itinerary, and other details related to the adventure.

Trekking and experiencing the enigmatic Manaslu region leaves you speechless with its wonders. While you are trekking in Manaslu, it is not only the mountains but also the cultural riches that you can explore and enjoy. However, any adventure comes with certain costs and involves several days and activities. This write-up will give you ideas about the Manaslu trek on those details.

Manaslu Trek Cost

As an organized trekking adventure to a remote Himalayan region, our adventure to Manaslu involves a cost. The cost covers you for several services at the best possible to give you the best experience ever.

When we plan the trek to Manaslu, we do it from Kathmandu to Kathmandu on our package. However, we also give you complete freedom to customize the trip that best suits your interest. Our fully organized trip from Kathmandu covers and hosts you from your arrival until your departure.

With the cost you pay for our organized trek to Manaslu, we provide services from airport pick-up to drop-off. Several services are included during the trip days.

Here are the things that the cost covers.

Hotel and Transportation

As our organized adventure covers your hotel and transportation during the trip, you do not need to worry about these things. We will get everything planned and reserved for your accommodation and vehicles to travel. You can simply land in Nepal on the first day and enjoy your time without having to worry about these things.

Your accommodation is basically on a twin sharing basis unless you ask and reserve for a single room with additional payment. Transportation is the mix of a private vehicle and tourist bus during the trip.

Guide and Porters

Manaslu trek cost includes a trekking guide and a necessary number of porters for the trip. As restricted-area trekking, you cannot trek to the region by yourself. Having a guide for the trip is mandatory and the cost covers you for the service.

We also provide you porters to carry your backpack at the cost. You can enjoy the trek without worrying about the weight of the backpack when you trek with us. This service is vital in making your adventure an incredible experience.


While you are trekking in Manaslu, your food for the trip is covered in the cost. However, you will need to buy your lunch and dinner while you are in Kathmandu. We give you the flexibility to choose food in Kathmandu so that you can explore places to eat.

But your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in the mountains are all covered for the entire trip.

Trekking Permit

Trekking in the mountains in Nepal needs you to have a permit. While you trek with us to the Manaslu region, we get all the necessary permits for the trek. Manaslu Trek cost covers you also for the special trekking permit that you will need to obtain to go on the trek.

Trekking Itinerary

Our Manaslu trek itinerary from Kathmandu is a total of 20 days from your arrival to departure. You will spend 15 days trekking and enjoying the mountain beauty. Your itinerary will have more days in the mountains so you can enjoy the views and nature more during the trip.

You will also enjoy a full day of sightseeing in Kathmandu before the trek begins. This is what Manaslu Trek Itinerary looks like.

Manaslu Trek Cost and Itinerary

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