Manaslu Circuit Trek- a unique way for trekkers seeking an exceptional Manaslu experience

Manaslu Circuit Trek

The Manaslu Circuit trek is said to be one of the best and the most crowded treks in Nepal. Although the Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp Trekking are famous treks in Nepal, still the Manaslu circuit trek stands out from among other beaten trails. It stands out from all other treks available in the country owing to its comprehensive natural symphony, cultural belongings, and wild exploration. This impeccable trek also provides the best occasion to gather some of the lifetime experience to your expedition and adventure.

Manaslu Trek with Tsum Valley

Nepal is home to eight mountains with an altitude of over 8,000 m. The Manaslu Trek with Tsum Valley takes you around Manaslu, the world’s eighth highest mountain with around 8,163 meters height. The trek takes you around its conservation area and leads to perceive the breathtaking views of one of the eight highest mountains in the world. Despite its history and its recent rise in popularity, the Manaslu Circuit Trek remains far off-the-beaten-path compared to other treks in Nepal. Experts consider the Manaslu Circuit Trek among one of the unsurpassed treks in Nepal.

Unlike other base camps in Nepal, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is flooded with trekkers from all around the world. It is remote, physically challenging, culturally enriching, and pictorially uplifting. The Manaslu Circuit Trek lead your journey to the steamy lowlands where you will find large terraces of rice and millet, amazing waterfalls, the mighty gorges of the Budi Gandaki with its turquoise waters on the way. However, this Manaslu Circuit Trek still has the feel of a pioneering expedition and is a visual feast from start to finish. Perhaps the altitude here may be a problem for trekkers. But the journey remains almost painless with the unforgotten yet jaw-dropping views in Manaslu.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek features everything you wish from a classic trek in Nepal. The epic scenery, intimate encounters with local people and their ancient culture, and a 5100m (17,000-ft.) Himalayan pass crossing is enough to please you. Looking back, the way gives the most fantastic view that comes after you. We work with the most experienced local guides in Nepal who are dedicated and passionate to help organize your trek.

Manaslu Trek is a restricted region, and you will need a special limited area permit for the purpose. We will arrange all such things for you. We also arrange the necessary ACAP and MCAP permit for your Manaslu Circuit Trek. Two trekkers are compulsory for the trek. So far accommodation is concerned we arrange the sleep in the tea house every night, which will be very basic with two single beds. These are run by the local communities along the trek. So trekkers won’t bring tents and food, making it more accessible and affordable than similar treks. Local telephone hardly works on this trek. If you want to communicate, then you will find the SAT phone available in tea houses that take some extra to make the phone calls.

Adventure Trekking in Manaslu

 The Manaslu circuit trek passes through Mani Walls, Prayer Wheels, monasteries, Chortens, and the isolated villages in this trail. You will also visit the Tsum valley, which is also considered as a hidden treasure where you experience the pure and original culture and the practices of ancient Buddhism.

Adventure Himalaya Circuit Treks & Tours always strives to deliver clients with complete satisfaction, and we see to it that they are comfortable and receive the best treatment. Excellent customer service is a must and given by our agency. We encourage all potential clients to know more about our Treks & Tours packages and services. We can customize your trekking itineraries, including the Manaslu Circuit Trek, as per your convenience and preferences. Let us know about your need, choice, and budget, and we will prepare a useful trekking itinerary as per your needs.

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