Local Trekking Guide – Manaslu Circuit Trekking

You need to acquire permit to travel through the restricted region of Manaslu and you cannot explore Manaslu without trekking guide. So, it would be wise to choose Local trekking guide –Manaslu Circuit Trekking.

Adventure Himalaya Circuit makes complete arrangement for local guide in Manaslu who are from Gorkha, Arughat and lower Manaslu who have lived their life in this scenic region and have frequently walked along Manaslu and Tsum Valley region for professional as well as personal reason. So, they can lead you through all secret routes that are unknown to other non- local guides which mean there will be more insight into the rich culture prevalent in the region and there will be more natural wilderness to explore. Being native, our guides are fully adapted to the increasing altitude. These Manaslu Trek guide know exactly what to do in case of emergency treatment and they can easily lead you through alternative route if you find the path to be destroyed by landslide and other natural calamities.

Why should you choose a local guide for Manaslu Circuit trek?

Choosing local trek guide has its own perks. While other guides may know a lot about the region and they can tell you which direction to lead, it is nothing the same like being born in this region. Locals have a piece of soul attached to the place. They have played here as a children. They have memories of walking to the school with their friends. They have many happy and sad memories of life and they have lots to tell about their which will breathe life to your trekking.

Contact us soon with your arrival date. We are now accepting booking for fixed departure Manaslu Circuit trek 2016 with local guide at very affordable price considering the best possible accommodation and nutritious meal.