Kanchenjunga Trek Permit Cost and other Information

Kanchenjunga Trek Permit Cost

If you are wondering how much the Kanchenjunga trek permit cost, this article will give you an insight into it. As trekking in Kanchenjunga is one of the remote treks in Nepal, it requires you to obtain a special permit for the adventure. This beautiful exploration of the eastern Himalayas takes you to the region of the third-highest mountain peak in the world. Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third-highest mountain in the world, stands 8,586 meters above sea level.

Although the region is in the farthest to the eastern part of Nepal in the remote mountains, the trek route has the minimum of the facilities. Trekking in Kanchenjunga is one of the most spectacular remote trekking trips in the Himalayas. The wilderness of the region keeps you amazed throughout the trip. You will enjoy nature and culture in the most pristine form possible where the influence of modernity seems the least.

Kanchenjunga Trek Permit Cost

While you are with us on this trek, we take care of you in the package. From pick up at the airport to drop off on the departure day, all the logistics in between have been taken care of.

The cost covers your hotel and breakfast while you are in Kathmandu. When you are trekking, your accommodation and meals are covered in the cost. As a fully guided trip, there will be a guide and a necessary number of porters to take you on the adventure.

All the transportation necessary during the entire trip and the trekking permit also comes at a cost. Kanchenjunga trek permit cost is USD 50 per trekker which is the restricted region trek.

Accommodation and Food during the Trek

Let’s talk about the accommodation and food during the trek in addition to the Kanchenjunga trek permit cost. You will spend most of the time in the mountains during the trip. The accommodations, where you spend overnight, are basic teahouses to homestay and camping. As you trek to the higher altitudes, the accommodations will get even more basic.

If you are good to stay at basic accommodations of teahouses and tented camps, you will certainly enjoy the adventure. But if you are looking for comfortable accommodation, the Kanchenjunga trek is not the right trip for you.

As long as you are in Nepal, you will come across the most common food, Dal Bhat. It is a platter of rice, vegetables, pickle, curry, and lentil soup. While you are trekking in the mountains, you will also eat a lot of it. As a remote mountain area, the food items that you can eat are limited but you will not remain hungry.

The difficulty of the Trek

Kanchenjunga trek is a challenging adventure in terms of physical and mental aspects. As a long and high-altitude trek, this adventure needs you to have sound physical fitness and mental toughness. Since the adventure goes to a remote area, there are fewer facilities to stay in overnight. Even the available ones are limited and basic. As a lesser-visited area, the trails in the Kanchenjunga trek are unmarked, thus confusing.

When you plan to go on this trek, you need to be well-prepared physically and mentally to accept the extreme challenges of the mountains.

A Long Trekking Adventure

This adventure is one of the long trekking trips in Nepal. It takes you a total of 23 days to complete the trip. So, when you plan to go on the trek, you have to make sure that you have enough days, on the firsthand.

Our guided trek takes you to the remote mountains and ensures that you enjoy the trip in a safe atmosphere.

Trekking Guide and Porters

Our trekking trip to Kanchenjunga is a guided adventure. It is mandatory to trek in a group and with a guide in the region because of its remote location and unexplored landscapes. We use experienced guides who have explored and guided the region several times.

The entire team who works with us to operate the trek has experienced members in it.