Kanchenjunga Trek Cost

Kanchenjunga Trek Cost

Do you want to explore the majestic wilderness and remoteness of the Kanchenjunga region? A trekking adventure to the area is an ideal option to explore the best of the region. As a remote area trekking in the Himalayas, the Kanchenjunga trek cost might sound a bit expensive but the adventure is worth the price that you pay for.

It is a long trekking adventure that goes into the region where facilities are scant. However, the experience you get on this trek is unbelievable. As a remote area trekking, you will need to obtain a special permit to go on the trek. Let’s learn more about the adventure and the money you pay for it.

Kanchenjunga Trek Cost

When you decide to go on an adventure, the cost is one of the factors that affect your decision most of the time. Kanchenjunga trek cost might also have an impact on you making a decision on going on the trip.

As a long and remote area trek, the costs incurred in the adventure are a bit higher than other popular treks in Nepal. From obtaining permits to using human resources in the trip on the Kanchenjunga trek costs way more than any popular trekking adventure in Nepal.

The Kanchenjunga region is in the easternmost part of the Himalayas in Nepal and reaching there from Kathmandu takes a long commute. If you drive to Suketar to start the trek, it is going to take you a tediously long overland journey which can be tiring. There is an option of flying from Kathmandu to Biratnagar and Biratnagar to Suketar which takes two days. So, it is only on the second day of leaving Kathmandu that we start trekking.

What the Kanchenjunga Trek Cost covers

The cost of trekking to Kanchenjunga has several things covered on the trip. When you arrive in Kathmandu on the first day of the trip, we pick you up from the airport. That is where the cost you pay for the trip starts to cover your expenses in Nepal.

From the necessary transportation, from day one to the last day of the trip, to accommodation and human resources and foods in the mountains are covered in the cost.

It covers your hotel accommodation with breakfast in Kathmandu and basic guesthouses and homestay accommodation and all meals in the mountains. A necessary number of guides and porters for the trip to take you to the remote area of Kanchenjunga also comes to the cost.

The most essential part of the trek, special permit, is also a part of the cost that you pay for the trek. Kanchenjunga trek cost also covers the food for you during the trek in the mountains. As you spend a long time in the remote wilderness of mountains, you need to carry a lot of logistics along with you on the trip. The cost of the trek covers all the basic things that you need during the adventure in the mountains.

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Why does it look expensive?

Although the cost looks expensive, in reality, it is not. From permits to guides and porters to foods, everything has a high price in the region as a remote area. But the experience that you will get on the trip is incomparable to the cost.

This adventure is for the people who love to explore the wilderness and get lost in the mountains for some time. You stay away from modern technologies for the time you are in the mountains. The region has limited to no internet and telephone connectivity. So, you have a great chance to spend time in nature and the mountains. It is the right place to give yourself more time and enjoy life peacefully away from daily hustles.

The trip will reenergize you and you will find yourself afresh with lots of memories and experiences to cherish.

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